12 October, 2009

Pumpkin Carving with Preppy Puppy

On Friday I chaperoned mini #2's kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch. It's my favorite field trip because 1) this is my most favorite time of year and 2) it's the field trip where you get to spend the most amount of time with your child (and let's face it, if I'm going to ride the bus all the way to the pumpkin patch w/ a bunch of kindergartner's, I'd damn well better get to spend some quality time with my kid when I get off that bus). We always go to the pumpkin patch as a family so we will definitely be heading back in the next week or two, but it did get me motivated to start digging around online for some great pumpkin carving ideas for this year.

If you've been hanging around here since the conception of Monogram Momma's, you will likely remember these pumpkins (scroll down to the bottom to see mine). To date, they are still my favorite. However, this year I will be carving my pumpkin in the likeness of preppy puppy. Can you even stand it?!?!?!

Want to do your own?
Grab your free pumpkin carving stencil of your favorite breed here.

source & photo: BGH


KK said...

Cute! I may have to try this with my beloved Winston's face! :)

Blackeyed_Susan said...

Thank you for the stencil link! Love it!

Monogram Momma said...

You're welcome! I was so excited to find these stencils and KK, they DO have a dachshund one also!