06 October, 2009

Leaf Garland

Last week I made a great bunting out of felt for our Auburn tailgating. It turned out so cute, that I decided to do a Fall/Halloween one. I'll get to that later though, because while I was browsing my Google Reader, one of my favorite blogs had a similar project for a leaf garland that I thought many of you would like because it is done in paper, not felt.

You Will Need
-a real leaf from outside or faux leaf
-long strip of brown paper (or wrapping paper would work, too)

1) cut a long strip of paper the same width, then fold it accordion style until you end up with a 3x3 inch square.

2) arrange the leaf so that part of the leaf extends just slightly beyond the borders of the paper on two opposite folded sides (this is what will make it stay together as one long chain, like paper dolls).
3) Trace the leaf then cut. Be careful not to cut through the fold (see arrows). She angled her leaf slightly rather than tracing it straight up and down and I personally think it looks cuter that way.

4) Pull apart your leaves and VOILA! You've made your fall leaf paper garland!

source & photos: Hope Studios


Jennifer Juniper said...

Yay! Easy as pie :) Thanks for linking my place. We have fun with this project every year.

the jewells said...

Love it! Did you post a picture of the AU one as well? WDE!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Hi, just found you through Grove Gals, you had left a comment on her (well, my) topiaries. I LOVE, love, love your blog! The tips are amazing! I will be following you from now on! ;-) xoxo

I Love Your Whole Face said...

Such a cute idea. I tried it and while it doesn't look as nice as yours, it still looks pretty good.