28 August, 2009

Rosette T-Shirt Tutorial

Last week my painted Dr. Scholl's were featured on one of my favorite blogs, Tip Junkie. Along with my shoes, there was the MOST fab t-shirt which was a copycat of a popular J. Crew tee, which I have been just itching to share with you guys. It's soooo cute, and even you non-sewers take heart, because you can do this one too!!

The Inspiration (by J. Crew)

You Will Need
-2 inexpensive tee's the same color (check out Walmart for under $5 ea!!)
-a coke can to trace (circle shape/size)
-needle& thread

1)First of all, take one of your t-shirts, and cut 3 circles of different sizes from the fabric (the largest being the size of the diameter of the coke can). The circles don't have to be perfect so it's okay to just eyeball it.

2) layer the circles one on top of the other w/ the largest circle being on bottom.

3) Next, using your needle & thread, pinch the flower from inside the t-shirt and begin to stitch it in place. You need to create lots of fluff and make it really bunchy when sewing on the flowers, and you do this by pinching layers, & picking up folds & layers with the needle and thread.

4) Pack those rosettes in together really well, lifting the edges and bunching the flowers close together. These ladies used 7 rosettes for their tee's.

The Imitation (finished product!)
source & photos: Hope Studios


The Mrs. said...

Love the blog!!!

dmmlandcruiser said...

What a great way to get a beautiful shirt at a reasonable price! I, however, have ZERO sewing skills!

It Is Everlasting said...

You are seriously super-crafty-Mom. I love it! Me + sewing = serious disaster!