31 August, 2009

Two Things

Last week I was pretty down in the dumps about my little guy being in kindergarten and not needing his mommy anymore. Okay, so maybe that's a stretch. He does need me, but it sure as hell feels like he needs me a lot less today than he did 2 weeks ago before he started kindergarten.

But something good happened today. I realized 2 very important things I get to do now that I'm home by myself all day.

1) Listen to whatever I want to in my car on XM or my iPod AS LOUD AS I WANT without anyone yelling "MOMMY IT'S SOO LOUD YOU CAN'T HEAR ME TALKING!"

2) Drive around with all the windows down and sunroof open without anyone telling me "MOMMY IT'S TOO WINDY IT'S BLOWING MY HAIR AROUND!"

So there you have it.


kp said...

You can watch Y&R uninterrupted, take a bath in the middle of the day uninterrupted, etc... Blog during the middle of the day...

a. said...

There's an upside to everything :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE being able to do that!!! and talk on the phone without being accused of ignoring a certain child!

Monogram Momma said...

The phone is a good one, SSM! Or even just being able to talk on the phone using, ahem, GROWN UP WORDS.

KP, I missed Y&R yesterday! Don't tell me what happened though!

Anonymous said...

Here's to loud music, open windows & adult rated language!! I spent my first full day without my little guy yesterday, surprisingly I was VERY productive! He is only in Kindergarten 2.5 days/week, so I get my fix of having him & then NOT having him - a perfect balance :)
Enjoy your day time luxuries :)