26 August, 2009

Empty Nest

Remember when I was excited both boys were going to be in school together, every day? Gone, out of my house from 7:30a.m. -3:30 p.m.?

Well, today I realized I'm maybe not okay with that.

Today I realized that, while I've got a list of all these things I both need and want to do on my gigantic never-ending monogrammed note pad, I can't figure out where to start.

Today I realized that I feel lost and don't really know how to start my day once the boys are gone, because I'm not used to them both being gone at the same time.

Today I realized that I miss my little guy.

And today I realized that I'm sad when I should really be very happy and proud.


Grove Gals said...

hang in there!

Lynn T said...

Oh, I know that feeling. You will gradually get used to it and love your afternoons playing outside this fall!!
Lynn T

Brie said...

That's going to be in 2 weeks too... excited and overwhelmed with the unknown that lies ahead. My monogrammed pad list is already 3 pages long. Let's be proud and take it one check off at a time :) We need to ease ourselves in!

Miss Madras said...

Change like that can be uneasy at first. I suggest starting with the small things on the list, and progressing to the bigger items.
In time you will get used to an empty house, and be thrilled with all you did while the boys were at school.

BroncoMom said...

Motherhood can be a such a tricky thing can't it? Enjoy every second of being the school Mom it goes by all to fast I am afraid. Before I was ready for the next step in his life, my baby started college last week. The truth is that it is all bittersweet.

Rickrack and Pompoms said...

Oh, honey I feel your pain when my last one went to kindergarten I remember wanting to badly to go get her at lunchtime and take her out to eat with ME! Now she is in high school and I am kinda over it. Being a Mom really does have its highs and its lows, but it is the best thing in the world. Take care

Monogram Momma said...

Thank you, everyone. I guess it's just going to take some time to adjust. It's been a weepy day for me but I'm going to have to figure it out. You guys are the best! xoxo

KKB said...

Hang in there!! It took me a few days when Kate went back to school...you'll get your groove!