24 August, 2009

Now What?

Last Thursday marked our first day of 2nd grade and kindergarten respectively. What a BIG YEAR this is going to be what with mini #2 being the big boy kindergartner and mini #1 celebrating his First Holy Communion in the Spring. I can't help but sit here in my very quiet house wondering how did we get to this point so quickly and most of all, now what?

Mr. Monogram: well, you've got the whole house to yourself now every day. The boys don't get out of school until 3 o'clock. What are you going to do all day?

MM: Whatever the hell I want, that's what.

Case in point, it's nearing 10 a.m. and I'm still in my pajama's. All kidding aside though, my list of things to keep me busy is very long. Since the boys were home with me all summer long (which I really deserve a freaking medal for, btw), I've gotten a *tad* behind on the laundry. And Cleaning. And organizing. And packing. Yes, packing. Because did I tell you are moving? Once we can get this little "to-do" list sorted out and I can get some of these overstuffed closets packed up into boxes because I'm a pack rat who can't seem to throw anything away, not even a magazine from 1996, the house is going on the market. We've found a lot we love and really want to build a custom home but we're in no rush because my husbands industry sucks BIG TIME right now so we're taking our time.

Anyway, I've made myself a short-list of little projects I both need and want to accomplish before the sign goes in the yard, and like it or not, I'll be sharing these with you.

-Make new window treatment for Master Bedroom
-Make new window treatments for Master Bathroom
-I have a great idea for a big art project on canvas
-Make new desk skirt to match new drapes in Office
-Make cute slipcover for my office desk chair

So I'm thinking I won't have any trouble keeping busy.


Brie said...

Enjoy your time! I am in the same boat this year with my youngest starting kindergarten. I keep getting the "what are you going to do with your time" and I also want to respond - WHATEVER I feel like doing ;) We deserve a week or 2 b/f we dive in head first! Good luck with your to do list

thepreppyprincess said...

Oh goodness Miss Monogram, revel in it! When you're done slipcovering things at your Palace, you can come visit the Prepatorium! BTW, those two look much too cute!

Enjoy your time alone!

PS: Just realized I owe you an email, will do it today. :)

Monogram Momma said...

Well ladies, it's now 10:38 and guess what? STILL IN MY PJ'S.

dmmlandcruiser said...

What a milestone!! Something tells me you will find many productive things to fill up your days!

Miss Madras said...

It sounds like your project list will keep you busy for awhile. Enjoy the quietness while you have it.