04 June, 2009

The Summer of Our Discontent

And so it begins... the broken bones and injuries, that is.

Last Thursday the boys and I made an impromptu stop at the park since they were being so good running errands with me all morning. Everything was going great until mini #1 tripped and fell. He came to me holding his right arm, with wet eyes (not crying, just wet). To know my child is to know that he is by no means dramatic, nor is he a complainer. If he says he doesn't feel well, he is genuinely sick. And if he says he is hurt, then he really is hurt. Still, he wasn't making a big deal of it, just holding it.

We went home, iced his wrist off and on all afternoon as baseball tournaments were starting that night and he had a game to play. He said it was feeling better, just a little sore, but could play baseball. So we went to the game and his assistant coach who is a Dr. taped up his wrist and hand really well. He played a three HOUR baseball game that kept going into extra innings because the score kept tying up. It was a nail biter of a game, I kid you not. As it turned out, we were unable to finish the game though, because of lighting, so we all went home at 9:45ish with both teams planning to come back to the fields to finish the game Friday night. The winner would advance in the tournament and play Saturday.

On the way home, our friend who is a Orthopedic Surgeon called Mr. M to chit-chat about our game and Mr. M casually mentions the hurt wrist, just saying that mini #1 didn't have that great of a game because of it. Our friend insists I bring him into his office for an x-ray on Friday afternoon. So, Friday morning we wake up and mini #1 says his wrist is feeling much better. He can move it around and again, it was just a little sore. I feel really bad about wasting our friends time and call him to say I really think he's going to fine. In the end, I reluctantly bring him in for the x-ray "just to be on the safe side."

The result?

Our first broken bone. A broken wrist, to be exact.

At that point I'm pretty sure the world went quiet with my screams of "NOOOOOOOO!!!! IT'S THE FIRST WEEK OF SUMMER!!!!!" Since our friend was on call all weekend he wasn't able to come over and cast it until Sunday evening, but he is the now not-so-proud owner of a waterproof cast so at least he can still go swimming. ;-)

Naturally, you had to know I would monogram his cast, didn't you?


lisagh said...

What a little trooper! Playing on a broken wrist and then saying it was just "sore" ... awesome.

And of course, LOVE the monogram on the cast.

Here's to a remainder of the summer free of injuries.

Monogram Momma said...

I know, can you believe that?! We really didn't think it was broken at all b/c it wasn't swollen or even bruised. They did end up winning their game and advanced on Satruday so he actually played a second game w/ his wrist broken b/c otherwise his team would have had to forfeit the tournament. I know, I know, that's terrible. But our friend really said it wasn't going to make a difference & we left the call up to mini #1 and he didn't want to let his team down. I felt horrible though!!

I do think I need to touch up that monogram though!

Rickrack and Pompoms said...

Thanks goodness it is waterproof. Back in the day of my little one we actually wrapped trash bags around his broken arm so he could swim in the lake. Your son sounds like quite the tough one. Way to go playing a game. A memory he will not forget. Happy Summer.