03 June, 2009

Just in Time for Fathers Day

Things have been uber crazy here at chez Monogram (more to come on that later). And since today is the mini's first day at summer camp and my first day to have the house to myself to, oh I don't know, perhaps get some laundry done and clean a few toilets around here, I am only allotting myself to sit at the computer for 5 more minutes.

Therefore, my friends, just in time for Fathers day and those family beach trips, all my new designs are ready and available at my SWAG shop on Etsy. Fifty eight (yes, that's right FIFTY EIGHT) designs in all now, and I am in love with the new stuff. Honestly. Mr. Monogram will be getting a new SWAG shirt himself for Fathers Day and the mini's will be sporting the "nautical flag line" design themselves (which I think will look super cute with their embroidered nautical motif shorts). As always, remember that if you have any questions or want to see a larger image, just email me! I'm happy to oblige requests.

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a. said...

So many fun choices :-)