29 May, 2009

Nautical Inspiration

Both of my boys are beach boys, and both love the ocean. My husband grew up on the water, sailing since he was a young child so Mini #2 has always been fascinated by this. Therefore, it was only fitting that when the time came to change his nursery into a "big boy" room, that I used a nautical theme. Again, there is a lot of tacky nautical stuff out there, and I prefer a more mature space for my children in their rooms.

The madras bedding is from the adult Pottery Barn catalog, and it is paired with a gorgeous hand-painted colorful fish pillow which matches perfectly. I've posted on the window treatment in his room before, which is a basic white roman shade which I added the green grosgrain trim to, a thick black-out liner, and his monogram. The bed skirt (again, something I've posted on in the past) is a white box-pleated skirt which I sewed on the green grosgrain ribbon to match his window treatment. On the wall next to his bed, I bought two oars, sanded and stained them, then we cut out a notch on one to attach them in an "x." I then personalized the oars where one says "S.S. Mini #2" and the other one says "Gaeta, Italy" (where our family is from). Like in mini #1's room, I love the artwork I bought and had framed for his room. They are sepia portraits of sails and masts of sailboats and pulley's and ropes. They are so dramatic and in thick chunky frames and something he will be able to keep and use forever.

Other small details around his room are wooden sailboats, a pretty silver sailboat and a huge and very heavy green ships bell that says "Captains Bell" on it (Mr. Monogram has taken to calling this the "bedtime bell" though and often rings it in the evening to round up the troops for bed, which the love because it has such a loud and deep ring). I also have little nautical stars around his room, a starfish here and there, and over his dresser, a huge portrait I took of Mini #2 watching the ocean when he was younger that I had done in a painting (Mini #1 also has a large portrait like this hanging in his room over his dresser as well, since it's at our beach and very special to both of them).
Mini #2's nautical inspired room.
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Closer look at his artwork
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P.S. I forgot to mention this, but Mini #1's room is painted in a very soft blue, and mini #2's nautical room is painted in a soft, pale green with a double chair rail.


Imjustagirl said...

What cute rooms!

Anonymous said...

Cute. You'll have to tell us one day how you KEEP their rooms clean. I've never known boys to have such clean rooms!

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TCP said...

Oh, I think I like this one even better!! It's a gorgeous room.

lisagh said...

The photos wouldn't enlarge when I clicked, but from what I can see, that is a room even I'd love to call my own!


The Muddy Dog said...

These rooms are absolutely fabulous, I love them!!! (Have you ever thought about a career as an interior designer?!)