11 May, 2009

TV Talk: Grey's Anatomy (100th Episode)

Saturday night I went to a fabulous "Margarita's in May" soiree hosted by my friend and fundraising chair, Kelly. It was a silent auction item at our Mardi Gras fundraiser in Feb for mini #1's school, so naturally, I had to buy in. What a great night! Kelly is quite the hostess and everything was so lovely and fun and done to the n'th degree.

Upon returning home from the party, however, I found my husband passed out in bed and SNORING. Ugh. So that left me twittering on my blackberry in bed, under the covers with Lisagh & Erin and a great Grey's discussion ensued while my husband just snored, snored, SNORED away next to me. This is what led me to my TV Talk today as I've simply GOT to talk in an open forum about this with ya'll.

So tell me what you think about last week's episode and this past season overall? Here are my thoughts:

  • FINALLY, the writing was equal to that of seasons 1 and 2. Shonda Rhimes definitely got her groove back and we had some amazing episodes this season
  • Last week had me sobbing. No, not sobbing, weeping. Loudly. (and you know you were too). It was nothing short of amazing.
  • 2nd bullet point aside, so help me GOD if they do not marry Derek & Meredith already! Let's just at least see the two of them on an island, getting married quietly as they wanted. mmmkay?
  • I have loved this season of Derek & Meredith. She has been so much stronger and independent (cue Kelly Clarkstons, "Miss Independence") and they have had a true, equal, give and take relationship that they are both equally a part of. I LOVE it.
  • As Lisagh pointed out, I have really missed George's funny lines. Why have they let him sit on the side-lines this entire season? Do you think he's coming back next season? And if he does, what kind of storyline are they going to give him?
  • Izzy: This is a big one. The whole envisioning Denny thing was sooo incredibly stupid. But yes, I get it now. Katherine Heigel has been very open in the past about her dislike for her writers and storyline and I think this Caner storyline has been a way for them to keep her in check. Will she die or won't she? What do ya'll think?
  • I have to say, I also LOVE McSteamy & Lexie. They are so good together! He makes my heart skip a beat every now and again, and I love that she's making him good. She is a good girl, that Lexie, and has put up w/ a lot of crap. From Christina, from Meredith, from George, and even from McSteamy. I really hope he stays loyal to her & stays a good guy. But? I'm doubtful, especially now that our resident bad boy, Alex, has officially grown up & become a man.

So, what do you think?


Marge said...

I finally watched yesterday and totally agree with you. I'm ready for Mere and Derick to get married mainly so the "will they / won't they" option is off the table. I think that Izzy has done some serious character development this season and while I think she (and her character) are ready to be done (axed, that is) I worry what that will do to Alex. Izzy was the only thing holding him together after Rebecca (I think that was her name) had the break down... I worry where her death would take him.

KK said...

Love TV Talk!

I love Lexie and Mark too. That's been my favorite story line all season.

The past few weeks have been really good. I just hope George and Izzie stick around. I just can't imagine Grey's without them!!!

J said...

I have really missed George too! For awhile he annoyed me but now he has barely any presence on the show and I don't like that either.

I hope the season finale is as good as last week's episode!

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Well obviously I agree with EVERY point! And gotta love bedtime twittering with blog sisters!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

I agree with you, but I do hope MeSteamy and Lexi stay together. And if they keep waiting for Derek and Meredith to get married it is going to get old, very fast.

But what do you think about Callie and her seeking to 'discover' her preferences in the romance dept?