28 May, 2009

All Aboard

It's been a while since I've done a decorating post around here, so it's probably long overdue. I know at one point I promised my dear friend Third Coast Preppy I would post pictures of my boys bedrooms to help give her some ideas for her own boys rooms, and I aim to please. Today we'll start with mini #1's room.

When mini #1 was 15 months old he became obsessed with trains. So naturally, when it came time to give him his "big boy room," I knew I had to do trains, but a lot of train theme is so over the top tacky and monogram momma just doesn't do tacky. I wanted a more mature room that didn't scream TRAINS, and that would continue to grow with him, and to accomplish this, I bought adult bedding from Pottery Barn, had his shams monogrammed (of course I did), had gorgeous train paintings framed, and then bought vintage tin trains on ebay. My dad helped me mount them on wooden boards so I could hang them on the wall and they are very cool. The drapes I did myself and the fringe is the perfect shades of greens and blues which match his bedding perfectly. His favorite part of his room? The authentic railroad crossing sign I hung over his bed. It is very heavy and big so Mr. Monogram wasn't exactly thrilled to have the task of securing that piece over his son's head. ;-)

{click photo to enlarge}

closer look at the artwork. I love these.
{click photo to enlarge}

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TCP said...

Love it!! Thanks for posting them...I should put up some of M's big boy room too.