23 December, 2008

What's Left

Well folks, it's T-2 days. What's left on your lists?

Here's a little peek at my not-so-exciting list of things that needs to be done today. But hey, good news for the Monograms! I've woken up with about 40% hearing back in my left ear. It's a start, right?

  1. Target
    -black tights for me
    -black socks for the mini's
    -Bows & decorative crap for gift boxes
    -dog food b/c apparently preppy puppy's dog food didn't exactly make it into the cart yesterday so she's a tad hungry and whiny this morning (but aren't we all?)
  2. Haircut
    -Mini #1 is looking a little too shaggy for my taste
  3. 3 Minute Car Wash
    -That's right. A 3 minute car wash that costs $3 and gives you unlimited time with the extra super suction vacuum of your choice. Merry Christmas to me.
  4. Hobby Lobby
    -Pipe cleaners b/c *someone* (and by *someone* I totally mean my husband) threw out my previously purchased pipe cleaners for our little snowflake craft
    -more wrapping paper
    -nice frame for Mr. M's dad & step-mother
  5. Start wrapping
    -that's right, I haven't even started. Don't judge, people!
  6. Stocking stuffer
    -nope, none of these either!
  7. Mr. Monogram Christmas
    -need to get on top of picking up a few more things for him as well.
  8. Cookies
    -all the dough was made yesterday so tonight we'll have to roll out the cookies & decorate
  9. Airport
    -2 trips, to be exact...
    -the kids have absolutely NO idea Mr. M's dad & step-mom are coming to surprise them for Christmas so they are going to be SHOCKED and so excited to say the least!

Remember, if you want to be on the inside, so-to-speak of my SUV while we're doing all these oh so fun and exciting things, twitter along with me @ www.twitter.com/cmolino. Warning: Snarkiness tends to be at it's peak when I'm running errands real-time with the mini's (don't say you weren't warned).

Merrilly, Merrilly, off we go!


a. @ coterie said...

Thanks for reminding me I need to vacuum my car!

TCP said...

Ack, black socks! I knew I forgot something!

Eh, he can wear red socks with his black watch plaid pants, right? I mean, if you can't get away with red socks at age 2, when can you?

BroncoMom said...

Merry Merry to you Monogram Momma!