09 September, 2008

Pick Your Favorite

Thank you to everyone who suggested such great names! This was a hard decision but I've narrowed it down to 3 top choices. Leave a comment with your favorite name (which will not get published until the very end) and the winner will received a free gift, compliments of the new store name!

I definitely have a favorite name but in the interest of fair voting I'm going to keep it a secret until voting is over.

1) SWAG Avenue
(stands for: Southern Wares And Goods)
suggested by a friend who doesn't read my blog
2) Ginger Roots
suggested by plainjayne to honor my beloved preppy puppy
3) Monogram Manor
suggested by mommydearest
4) Initial Dwellings
(last minute addition!! I had to add it, it was so cute!)
suggested by Melissa