26 June, 2008

Star Spangled Decorative Garland

Unlike in years past, the Monograms will not be hosting their annual 4th of July backyard soiree. Instead, we've decided to go to some friends of ours home(their son goes to school with Mini #1 so they are good buddies). They have a beautiful home on the water so it will be fun in the sun and on the water and lawn with friends. They are such lovely and generous hosts that we always enjoy going to their house and always have a great time.

Irregardless, that doesn't mean I'm not looking for some fun 4th of July ideas to do with the mini's around the house and for some ideas and treats I can bring along to our friends house, and I just love this red, white, and blue garland. Check it out!

You Will Need
-stationery-weight paper in red, white, and blue (8.5 x 11)
-Paper cutter or scissors
-1/8-inch hole punch
-White cotton string

1. Cut paper down to 6 x 11". Using the edge of the ruler to make crisp folds, fold the paper in half; then, fold it in half twice more. Open the folded paper, and use the creases as guides to accordion fold the paper to resemble a fan (come girls, I know we've all done this when we were kids!).

2. With the paper still folded, find the center, and mark it with a pencil. Use a desktop stapler to staple the center. (The staple should be perpendicular to the folds.)

3. Make a mark, 1 inch from each end on the folded side of the fan. Using scissors, trim both ends of the paper on an angle, starting from the 1-inch marks and cutting to the paper's edges.
4. Fan out the paper to form a star, and bring the ends together. Staple the ends together with a mini-stapler.

5. With a 1/8-inch hole punch, punch 2 holes, one fold apart from each other. Thread cord through one hole, around the back of the star, and then through the other hole.

Now, I have to tell you I haven't done this one yet. I've got a long list of projects on my list and I'm hoping to run out to the craft store tomorrow so I can pick up all my supplies and get right to work on my fun little kitschy (sp?) projects for my 4th of July decor around the house. I mean, just because we're not hosting a party this year doesn't mean I don't want the house to be festive!

credit: martha


Kappa Prep said...

What a cute and fun idea! I love it and think you could change the colors and use it other times of year. Thank you!

Kappa Prep said...

What a cute and fun idea! I love it and think you could change the colors and use it other times of year. Thank you!

TCP said...

That is such a cute idea!

Muffy said...


Hillcrest Acres said...

Love your blog!! Yours was one of the first ones I found that got me hooked into this "blog world". You always have such cute ideas.

So I just found out about a great giveaway that is right up your alley for a free preppy travel mug from Monogram Chick. I thought for sure I would see it posted on your blog because you always have all the great promotions listed. Anyway, check my blog for all the details. The drawing is Monday so you better hurry.

Lipstick said...

That is SO cute...I can't wait to make those.

White Lily said...

Cool project!
4th of July reminds me I have to get a present for my sis's birthday!