20 May, 2008

New Tiny Prints Giveaway Winner

Sadly, I did not hear from "Tulip" or anyone who knew her so last night a new name was drawn for the Tiny Prints giveaway and it was.... drum roll please... THIRD COAST PREPPY!! WooHoo!! I know she is a stationery loving gal so she will be thrilled to have won.

Now, onto other things. The Monogram Markeplace by Monogram Momma is now online on Etsy. I will continue adding the complete line of products and designs daily, and will take down the current Marketplace on Blogspot. The reason for this? Umm, to make my life easier. Plain and simple. I will eventually transition into a regular e-commerce website with other products in addition to my preppy tee's, but in the meantime, check me out on Etsy.

Today is looking to be a busy busy day in the happy homemaking world of MM. I really need to shower this morning because let me just be honest with you guys, MM is looking quite rough today (even despite my fabulous tan from vacation). After that, I'll be dropping in a friends Open House for her mom's monogramming business, then dropping mini #2 off at a friends house by 10, then I'm off to mini #1's school for cafeteria duty. Ahh yes. The FUN and JOY of cafeteria duty! Get excited girls because if I'm really *lucky* it will be mandarin orange day which means I'll be constantly mopping the juice off the floor leaving me hunched back for the rest of the day. Once I finish with my tour of duty in the cafeteria today, I've got to go pick up mini #2 from his friend Ben's house, give him a quick bite of lunch, then drive him over to his friend Emilie's house. After that I'll be cruising back over the mini #1's school to help the children work on their Field Day t-shirts at 1. Then I'll be bringing mini #1 and his bff (who happens to be Emilie's big brother) back to his house when school gets out at 3, where mini #2 has been playing. The boys will change clothes for their classmates "beach party theme" birthday party, then we are back out the door (all six of us this time... me and my mini's and my friend Lisa and her kids) to the birthday party. Whew! And let me note here, we are only at 3:45 in the afternoon by this point. Oh and also? Mr. Monogram is out of town for a few days. I don't know about you but I'm thinkin' Arby's for dinner b/c this momma will certainly not be cooking tonight.

So my friends, I am off to shower and spend about four thousand dollars in gas money for today. I PROMISE to work on pictures from our trip and some updated pictures of new preppy puppy.

P.S. Hello? We still have to dish about Dancing with the Stars too!


TCP said...

OMG! I'm so excited! I never win anything!

Tod said...

Good luck with the online shop!!