26 October, 2007

Pets on Parade (costumes for the furriest family members)

First of all, let me say a whole hearted THANK YOU to the very kind 8 people who commented on my blog yesterday. That is 3 more than I thought were reading so we are really rocking and rolling over here at Monogram Momma’s! WooHoo!

So yesterday was pretty much the perfect fall day. And after 3 straight days and nights of heavy torrential downpours here in Somewhere, SE, I should say we deserved a gorgeous day like yesterday. The clouds parted yesterday morning to a beautiful sun, the falling bright red, orange and yellow leaves, and a high temp of 62 degrees. Amazing! It couldn’t have been more amazing had I ordered it up myself. And as luck would have it, Cresta had a Halloween/Fall party planned for the kids yesterday. It was such a blast and everything looked so Martha, that honestly? I might have felt the drop of a little tear in my right eye. Really.

More on the party later, because right now I am finishing up costume week with some very tolerant pets on parade that have been circulating through email. Honestly, I can not believe some of the things people do to their animals, so you should really get some good ideas in this slideshow. Let me assure you too, that I will not be putting preppy puppy through any of this costume torture. Until next week, have a great weekend and enjoy the cool weather.


Sandi said...

Love the pet costumes. LOL
And I know what you mean about the weather. It's finally cleared up here, the sun is shining and it's exceptionally warm for October. Talk about a positive effect on my mood!

Debbie said...

I'm still reading!! I took a break as well. I hope you are well. Charlie is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween, I'll try to get pictures up after Wednesday.


Preppy Wedding said...

I'm still reading!

And while my husband disdains me for it, I will be dressing LuLu the basset hound in an amazing Haloween costume this year.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

LOL!!! That was HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for the smiles.:)

Monogram Momma said...

Debbie & Preppy Wedding: I hope to see pictures of Charlie and LuLu in costume!!!