12 October, 2007

I’m running out the door to Chaperone a field trip for mini #1 and his school today so I’m very short on time. But I wanted to pass along a few discounts before I left. I mean, a girls gotta shop, right?

I’ve mentioned Tiny Prints several times on this blog because I think they’ve got super creative cards and invitations, great quality, and a huge selection that is truly unique. If you haven’t checked them out yet after all the times I’ve mentioned them, make sure you do it now and use coupon code FRIEND21 at checkout to save 15% on your entire order!

Another stationery site I’m fond of and have mentioned here is is Pen & Parchment and they are having a tremendous sale right now through October 14th that you do NOT want to miss either. Use coupon code SCB30 to save 30% on personalized Stacy Claire Boyd (and I know how much you love Stacy Claire Boyd!). Find something else you like at Pen & Parchment? Then Use coupon code SP25 to save 25% on personalized Sweet Pea holiday photo cards and HOLIDAY20 to save 20% on all other personalized holiday photo cards and digital holiday photo cards.


Russell and Hillary Jordan said...

Hi Monogram Momma! I periodically stop by and try to catch up on your blog, and I just wanted to say "hey." I don't know how you do it all... chaperone the Minis' field trips, master all of Martha's projects, supply us with discounts and your good things list, and all while managing to look preppy chic. Honey, I do admire your strength! I've only been married a year and I have a hard time keeping the hubby and dog straight. Well, I just wanted to tell you to check out my stationery company, Address to Impress, when you get a chance. We're fairly small, still working out of the home but we stay busy. Take care of yourself and keep up the great work...


Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

I love these- Tiny Prints is the best and yes ! I found them through you a while back now and just went looking for our x-mas card the other day! thanks so much for the great find- they really are the cutest- and so well priced!

tommiea said...

i just took the picture I know I am using for Christmas cards, so I may as well start looking for cards. Thanks for the deals!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I love Tiny Prints! I'm just in the process of ordering my Christmas cards from them!

pcvita said...

Here's another cool website to send real printed greeting cards from the web to keep in touch.

You can send a free card. Click on the big red button "Click to Send a FREE Card". Enter your info, click on Card Catalog and choose a greeting card from over 8,000 cards. Click Create Card or postcard under the card you choose. Enter your own heartfelt text and address the card, press send. The card will be printed, stamped and sent by US Mail for you.

Email me with questions on how to sign up if you like the service.

SnappyCasualGifts said...

thanks for the discount codes. I will check them out.

Ashley said...

A friend of mine ordered from Tiny Prints last year and they really came out adorable. Pen & Parchment looks REALLY promising!! I haven't clicked the link yet (I'm not supposed to be on the computer) but wow does their stuff look cute!!

Darn you for making me think of Christmas cards and stuff already!

Chantel said...

Hi Monogram Momma,

Do you know how long the Tiny prints is going on? I LOVE THEM! I still need to have my Christmas picture taken though.

Thanks...and I love your blog! and are so glad you are back.


pcvita said...

I set up an account on www.persontopersoncards.com for Monogram Momma and her readers. Login with ID = MMomma, password = cards. Click on Card Catalog on the red toolbar. Click on My Cards/Shared Favorites. You will see a beautiful collection of pink and green cards for Halloween, Christmas, and Mothers Day.

You will see a beautiful pink Breast Cancer card in honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness.

Choose a card and click Create Card below it. Edit the inside of the card and add your own heartfelt message and digital picture images. Enter the mailing address of the person you'd like to receive the card, hit Preview Card, then Send Card. You just used the convience of the internet to send a real printed greeting card including digital photos to a friend. Great way to do your holiday cards. Great price, each card costs $0.98 plus the $0.41 stamp.

CocoBlu Studio said...

Hi Monogram Momma! My name is Sarah. I've been checking out your blog for a while now. Great stuff! Just thought I'd mention my online paper store (since I know you love this stuff). We are more of a specialty boutique- fewer selections, but I design more every day! We sell holiday greeting cards & mommy cards & such. I'll give your readers a 25% discount on holiday greetings with the promo code: MONMOM and a free set of MOMMY cards with purchase!