07 April, 2007


Happy Easter Everyone! I'm in Atlanta with my family and they are saying it's going to be the coldest Easter in recorded history here. Gee, I'm so glad I brought my cute searsucker skirt with sash and white sandals to wear for mass tomorrow morning!

Anyway, I'll be back next week, but here's wishing you all a very hip hoppity Easter!


Alyssa said...

Happy Easter to the Monogram Family from FREEZING NJ...it's currently 41 degrees here...I will not be sporting any pastel colors tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day :-)

Libby said...

Happy Easter to you, Mr. Monogram and the Minis!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to all the MM family!

suburban prep said...

Hoppy Easter.
We'd better be hopping around here (Chicagoland) it has been in the low 30's with wind chills in the teens all week.

Erin said...

A happy Easter to the Monograms!