14 March, 2007

Thread Eggs

So I’m perhaps a day late (but most definitely not a dollar short) regarding Monday’s craft. And as I mentioned last week, I am all about these springtime Eastery crafts and projects. But let me warn you that while I initially thought this was do-able with young kids, I would really only recommend that if you have a few G&T’s under your belt or are in some sadistic mood of pulling your hair out. Mini #1 (who just turned 5, remember) was actually okay for the project, but became sidetracked. So really, I have to recommend this project for adults only or for kids 7+.

You Will Need
-Small oval balloons
-Embroidery floss or sewing thread
-Liquid starch or fabric stiffener

1. Inflate small oval balloons and tie the necks tightly.
2. Soak 12- to 24-inch lengths of embroidery floss or regular sewing thread (use one color or a variety of colors) in liquid starch or fabric stiffener. Soak each piece of floss separately and pull the wet thread between your thumb and forefinger to remove excess liquid.

3. Wrap the wet threads around the balloon one at a time. The thread will stick to the balloon without any additional glue or fastener. Cover the balloon by crisscrossing the threads any way you choose. Use less thread for an open, lacy egg, or wrap additional thread for an egg that looks more solid.

4. Tie a piece of dry thread around the neck of the thread-wrapped balloon and hang it until the thread is dry and hard to the touch. Burst the balloon with a pin and pull the balloon out of the top of the Thread Egg. Place Thread Eggs in a basket or bowl, or attach loops of floss so you can hang several on a tree branch to create an egg tree.

So here’s our bowl of “eggs.” I am using this term loosely of course since only 3 out of 7 actually resemble something of an egg-like shape, and I feel quite certain that the great Martha’s thread eggs would have turned out much better (and she would probably have figured out a less messy way to do this too). But not me. I will say, mine turned out pretty cute and I do intend to hang them from a cute little tree as demonstrated above. But let’s get real because that just isn’t going to happen today.


Casey said...

Cute! I tried it with yarn last week and it was definitely beyond my two kids (4 and 2) but I thought it was neat. I love the thread, though, so I may give that a try when the kids are napping.

Alyson said...

These are really cute, but I think I will hold off and do it next year when my kiddos are a little older! Can't wait til next week!!!!!

Head Hen said...

My Mom tried this with her class (she used the idea from Family Fun Mag) and said she couldn't get the string to stay on the darn balloons.

What did you do differently do you think?

hqm said...

I am going to try this with my girls this weekend...but, I am more of a Kettle One and tonic girl! Thanks for the great idea!

suburban prep said...

So creative. So delicate. I think I might have to hit Michaels or Joanns soon.

Meg said...

Those are extremely cute. If I didn't have the egg wreath slated for this weekend (LOVE that one!), I'd absolutely try them.

Stephie said...

I'm new to your blog, but you've had me on pins and needles awaiting this post. What a gorgeous craft, I'm going to try mine this weekend!

Monogram Momma said...

Casey: I did mine alone when the kids were napping and you'll be happy to note that they turned out really cute. It was sort of fun doing a craft by myself!

Head Hen: I have no idea! I will say I used a mixture of glue and water instead of the stiffening product but I don't really recommend that b/c it leaves a thin semi-transparent layer of dried glue in any open area there wasn't glue. It wasn't a problem since I just used a straight pin to remove it all effortlessly, but it was one more step I had to do. I had no problem getting the string to stay on though.

Hqm: I could probalby be convinved of the Kettle One as well! ;-)

Meg: wait til you see the "silk" project coming up! You will LOVE it!!!

WELCOME, STEPHANIE!!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll continue to visit!

susan said...

I made the thread eggs and egg trees with my 2 kids this weekend.

We made about 10 eggs in all and then the kids each painted a clay pot and saucer to go underneath. We cut branches to stick in styrofoam we inserted in the pots and then covered the styrofaom with green paper easter grass.

I put felt over the bottom of the saucer and placed them on either side of my dining room buffet. My son is talking about giving his away as a raffle prize on Easter. I think he has been watching to many of my school fundraising projects. I just love them, so I hope I can keep them. If not maybe we can make a tradition out of the project.

My 7 year old was able to handle the thread wrapping after some practice and my 5 needed my help. We had a great time doing it, thanks for the idea!

Monogram Momma said...

Susan, that is so great to hear! I'm glad you and your kids really enjoyed it and thank for sharing your experience!