14 March, 2007

The Morgan Co. Spring Clearance Sale

Birthday week update: so far so good! I know, I tend to be a little obnoxious about my birthday. Trust me, this is isn't news to me. Last night I lined up a sitter and after going to a little St. Patty's get together on Saturday, Mr. Monogram and I will be heading out to a nice dinner. Of utter importance is if he ordered my requested birthday gift, so I'll keep you posted on that (since I just know you are sitting on the edge of your seat).

In other news today, I'll pop on later this afternoon with my craft project from Monday. Sorry I didn't post yesterday and thanks to all who stopped by. But you know it was Tuesday and that meant picking my red carpet for the Tabloid Fantasy League so Tuesday's require lots of time on TMZ, Perez Hilton, X17online, D-Listed, and of course, all the tabloid websites. Speaking of tabloid news though, anyone else relieved Tori finally had that baby last night? Whew! I will say I was chuckling quite a bit at those pictures of her checking into the hospital with that all too familiar "in labor" look of pain, disgust, irritation, exhaustion, and just general irritation with the world, while she held her boppy in hand. So, to all of you in the league who care, since I found out at 9pm EST that Tori had just delivered, I did in fact, pick her as my bonus this week. Well, that and the fact that she has so-called "reconciled" with her mother too, but we'll just have to wait that one out to see if Granny Candi shows up arms full of silver rattles and all.

Oh! But really importantly, a huge thanks goes out to reader, Tammy for alerting me to the Spring Clearance Sale at The Morgan Company. Of course, the bag hog that I am, I am totally drawn to their cute monogrammed bags, but they've also got some cute jewelry pieces on Clearance as well. I'm off to shop now...

P.S. Many thanks to sweet Libby for sending me the cutest birthday e-card! Thanks, Libby!!


Anonymous said...

Have a lovely birthday MM! March is a great month; it's spring and the skys are turning blue at last (and my #2 son was 6 years old yesterday. Sniff! growing up so fast!)

Make it a good one!

Monogram Momma said...

Thanks, Spymum! Isn't it so sad that they're getting harder and harder to pick up and hold??