02 March, 2007

Mud Puddles & Rain Boots

As it turned out, our little outing to the park the other day wasn’t as innocent as it started out to be. In the fall, they adjust the dams and greatly lower the lake level where I live to accommodate all the winter rain and weather we receive here. It’s actually pretty smart if you think about it (hint, HINT if anyone reading this has anything to do with the constantly overflowing Chattahoochee River in Atlanta by sharp comparison). At any rate, my friend, Cresta and I met up at the park with our boys and lunch. It was such a gorgeous day we were all really looking forward to the fresh air. And since the lake is so low, there are tons of rocks and soggy mud where the water level usually is; so anticipating the boys would probably like to walk down there to explore with their little buckets and shovels and look for rocks, we had all 4 boys in their rain galoshes.

I have to say now, this was a really smart move, but ended up being a completely moot point. Jacob was the first to walk out closer to the water and start throwing rocks to make them splash in the water. You can just imagine a little boy out there in that picture up there, sailboats in front of him, having a great ‘ol time throwing rocks in the water. Until he fell face down in the mud that is. Ever determined though, Jacob forged on and got back up, and tried to walk back to the drier area where the other boys were. And then he fell face down in the mud again. So this comedy of up down up down went on for a good few minutes. I’m ashamed to say, that instead of being the helpful parents that we typically are and should have been, Cresta and I were literally bent over in hysterical laugher from watching Jacob (up down, up down, up down in the mud), we just sat there howling in laughter so hard and trying to prevent ourselves from losing our bladder control.

Then Will, her older son goes out there. Again, he’s having a great time throwing rocks into the water too. Until he too, turns around to walk back and his boots have sunk so far into the mud, that he starts to walk but his boots don’t, so he too, falls face down in the mud. Even more hysterical laughter from Cresta and I. I mean, let me tell you, this was just priceless (and meanwhile, Jacob is still stuck and unphased by it). At this point, I am laughing so hard, I have gotten off the bench and am kneeling on the ground next to it grabbing onto the bench. This is seriously hysterical. Until Will starts to cry. And as Will starts to cry and we’re trying to determine if it’s a “real” cry or not (because let’s face it, we certainly didn’t want to have to go out there and get all muddy!), Mini #1 has gone out there too. And yep, he gets stuck.

So I admit it. We really sort of thought they were being kinda wimpy and just told them “just walk away! Pull your boots out of the mud and start walking back to the dry area over there! You’re fine!” But then mini #1 was adding to the persistent pleas of the other two (Will and Jacob who are still claiming to be stuck), so Cresta headed out to the trenches. In brand new sneakers no less. And as it turns out, they really were stuck in the mud. Deep, deep in the mud, requiring all her strength to loosen their boots from the suction of the mud. And as it turns out, I guess we really should have worn our own rain boots that day, so you know me, I returned home and started checking out all the rain boots I could find (after hosing down the boys of course).

J Crew has the most adorable Wellies like these little yellow and blue whale numbers. And while you’re there picking up a cute pair for yourself, you must check out the adorable boys and girls galoshes since you know I am all about outfit coordination for the whole family. For similar preppy styles but at a slightly better price, then hop on over to Diane’s Little Lambs when you’re done looking around J. Crew. Again, I love the whale print she has for the whole family, and she has a huge selection of rain loafers, boots, clogs and even cowboy boots (Not even kidding!). Now, for an equally large assortment of types and styles of these must-have boots (really, just think how cute you’ll look on a rainy summer day running to the grocery in these galoshes and a little knee-length a-line skirt), go check out the old standard, Zappos. But if you’re still finding these a little pricey for your budget, then seriously you need to rush on over to Target. Talk about a huge selection of adorable rain boots under $20. Now that is a deal I can get behind!

But wait. I’m not done yet! I can’t complete this post without mentioning my favorite of all, the Tamara Henriques designs from Olive and Bettes. Sooooooooo cute I can hardly stand it. Just don’t go over there expecting to see the toile rain ballerina flats because sadly, those are no longer on the site. *sigh* Okay so these adorable blue bird boots are a tad expensive (I mean, they’re rubber boots, after all), but lordy do I need them or what?! I don’t think Mr. Monogram would mind, do you? Hmmmmm…. Well anyway, there’s still a giant selection over at Amazon to check out too, if you’re still unsatisfied with all the other options I’ve given you.

Now, I don’t know about where you live, but from where I’m sitting it’s an absolutely gorgeous day. Mini #1 is going home from pre-school with a friend so Min #2 and I are enjoying some time together. And lucky for me, I won’t be needing any rain boots today, but don’t think I won’t be heading out this weekend to snag a preppy pair for myself.;-)


J said...

This is such an appropriate post for the cold rainy weather in Boston today. As I trudged through the two-inch deep slushy mess in the driveway this morning, I was thinking that I really need wellies. I'm off to check out all the sites you linked to!

sisters with style said...

Cute boots! Thanks for the indeas!

Anonymous said...

MM, what a sweet post - so cute! I did laugh! The poshest wellies for litlle ones over here are the Aigle wellies (they can be found at Jojomamanbebe.co uk) do you get those iin the States? And I think you would really style it in a pair of pink Hunter wellies (Hunter and Le Chameau are the tops!)

Living in this G*d-forsaken climate I am somewhat obsessed with rain-proof clothing, as you can see!

SLC said...

I bet that was hysterical to watch!
Poor little guys. ;-)
Cute boots!

Alyssa said...

Love the whale wellies! I bought my rain clogs from Diane’s Little Lambs :-)

Fairfax said...

Love the boots - TH has cheetah ones - check my site for the pix. They're essential when you live in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Ooh Fairfax, I've been looking for some for my sister-in-law! Thanks!