19 March, 2007

I Am Not 180 Mill. Wealthier (but at least I can make a mean Mint Julep)

You will be disappointed to know that no, we did not win the big lotto Saturday night. I know, I’m still dealing with the aftershocks myself. I really thought we had it in the bag, you know. You would THINK with it being my birthday and all yesterday that the “gods” would have smiled upon me and at the very *least* given me a few numbers on the ticket. But nope, apparently I’ve royally ticked someone off (although it would not be the first time I should probably admit). So I'm sorry, but there will be no private jets for all of us (and our dogs, because you know I am all about my preppy puppy) for a fun monogram momma hosted all expenses-paid bash in the Caribbean. *sigh* But stay tuned because it could totally happen next time. Don’t you think?

So despite not winning the lottery (although I should tell you I was really hoping we DID win and Mr. Monogram was just waiting to spring it on me after I blew out those trick candles he & the mini’s put on my cake, somewhere after the Happy Birthday song and before opening my cards), I was still able to have a really nice birthday. I received exactly what I asked for which was a) total yard/house work compliance from Mr. Monogram without complaining about it (after all I do have a very important party to prep for) and b) the exact gift I asked for. We also went out to my favorite restaurant Saturday night and had a great time.

So, my gift. In December when Nikon released their latest Digital SLR, the D80, it really had my name in pink and green all over it. I also really wanted to consolidate all of my other cameras and equipment and this was just what I’d been waiting for. So my new camera was ordered and should be here by the end of the week (can’t wait!), and I am also getting all this great new equipment as well. I’ll keep you posted when it arrives because I can’t wait.

But until then, today I need a little help from you. Yes, I know, shutter to think that I actually am having some difficulty with some initiations. But I am. So here’s the deal. We have decided to have a big Kentucky Derby party. So after much debate, I’ve finally got the gist of my wording down, but am having trouble with a few things. I’ll give you the actual party planning details and specifics a little later (which has now included adding onto our deck among other minor details, but I digress), but here is what I’m struggling with.

1) Font Here are a few choices I like for fonts. Let me know which one you like the best.

2) Children This is an adult only party. But I can not figure out a polite way to put that on an invitation. Typically, if this were in the evening, I wouldn’t need to say anything, but since it is in the middle of the day, I do think this is necessary. Much as I might love your precious little Bobby Sue, there will be no juice boxes served at this event so I would prefer if she were at home with a babysitter.

3) Attire We will be having a Parade of Hats so I am requesting that all the ladies wear hats, which is traditional Derby Day attire. How should I word that? I’ve shown two options in the examples, but any other ideas would be great. And while we’re on the subject of attire, I’ve also shown here “Garden Party Attire” but Alyson has since told me that is confusing. Any thoughts? It should be sundresses, linen slacks, seersucker, etc.. Hence, “garden party attire.”

Font Choice 1

Font Choice 2

Font Choice 3

Font Choice 4

Help, please!!!


Preppy Wedding said...

I like the 3rd font.

How about, Hats are welcome? I think garden-party attire doesn't really nail it because it means different things to different people!

Monogram Momma said...

PW: I'm not sure what else to say for attire other than the standard "dressy casual" or I could put "proper Derby attire" Hmpfh. See how hard this is?!

Alyssa said...

I like #2.

Meg said...

Fonts 1 and 2 give me the Derby-est feel.

As far as the no-kids issue, is the guest list such that you could spread the word by mouth? I would imagine that, just as you wouldn't put it on a wedding invitation, it might be better not to put it on any invitation. Barring that, I think what you have is fine.

For the attire, I think what you have is great. I don't like the way "dressy casual" sounds and I think "proper Derby attire" is as vague as GPA. Plus, I would bet that if people are unsure of what GPA means, they'll either call and ask or look it up online. I just googled it, and there are plenty of good explanations for those not in the know.

Good luck with your planning! Keep us posted on your preparations!

Monogram Momma said...

Goo pint Meg, that is why I am so torn over putting it on teh invite. Typically I would be the first one to say that is very rude. but In this case, I'm not sure it can be spread word of mouth because at current count there are 37 couples on the list, many of the business associates of my husband's. So that's why i am so stuck.

Another suggestion I had was to say "Sorry! Please leave the colts at home!" in reerence to the horse. But who knows...

Mo said...

How about something like 'please make other arrangements for your young fillies and colts'? Font #2 is the easiest to read.

Melissa said...

I like #2 and 3 for the fonts, and I think you should say garden party attire. Most will probably get the idea from that and the fact that is a Kentucky Derby party will give them the picture! Sounds like so much fun!

You would hope that the fact the invitation was addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. So and So" and not the "So and So FAMILY" would give them the idea about the kids but as we all know you can't assume anything with some people. But I think the way you have it on your sample invitations is really about the best thing you can do.

Susan D said...

My favorite fonts are #2 or #3. To me, the hats statement & GPA make perfect sense. Or you could say "Derby attire" instead. I want to come to your very festive party!! Happy belated birthday... your camera looks mouth-watering!!

J said...

I like font #2 the best.

Asking for Garden Party Attire seems more specific than Dressy Casual, plus since it is a Derby party, I would think that most guests would realize that Derby-esqe (hats, seersucker, sundresses) attire is called for.

Susan said...

I like font 2 the best and I think garden party attire sounds great! Like meg said, if people don't understand, they really should call the hostess and ask for clarification.

I like your reference to colts for the kids, but do you think that the formality of the invitation almost makes is clear that children aren't included? Just a thought....

hqm said...

We have had Derby Day Parties in the past and this year we have to take a break b/c my daughter makes her Holy Communion that weekend...UGH! But, our invitation is alway a poem that suggests no kids and appropriate attire. Of course, right now I can't think of wording, something like..."Kiss the kiddies good-bye, head on over in your hats and ties...blah, blah, blah!
FYI...This year Derby Day falls on Cinco de Mayo!

jhlomedico said...

I like font #1 the best. I thought that if the invitations only listed the parents' names, it was obvious children weren't included. That's how I would take it anyway.

Monogram Momma said...

Yes, I agree that the colts and kids reference is too casual for the invitation. And I have in the past done get-togethers where I did the cute rhym about leaving the kids at home, etc.. I am doing the invitation a little more formally.

So I am sort of leaning towards leaving off the kids comment. I hate putting it on there, but I really do not want children at the party. Even my own will be upstairs with a sitter. I am hoping that people will have the good sense that if it says "MR & Mrs" and doesn't include family, that they will have enough good sense not to bring the kiddo's, but you never know with people. Some people still bring guests to weddings even though they weren't invited to do so on wedding invitations so what can you do?!

If there is an uncertainty, then I hope they will at least ask when they RSVP.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Anonymous said...


Meg said...

I like #2.

Stick with "garden party attire". People can always double check what you mean when they RSVP. I'm sure most will have the same idea that you are thinking.

I like the way you've requested that the women wear hats.

And, DO print on the invitation that it's for adults only! Can't take a chance on it being passed on by word of mouth. The way you have it printed on your invite is polite enough. People are happy to read directions v. making a social gaffe and showing up with kids when everyone else doesn't.

Such a nice idea for a party! I would be so tickled to get an invitation like that.

jilly said...

I like font #2. I would go with Derby Attire, which I think everyone would understand or GPA either one. And yes I agree, leave off the adults only, when they RSVP it should be clear or in the addressing of the envelope. Since you will have a sitter there, if a couple do show up you could always send them up to the sitter? Word of mouth should help as well. Good luck sounds like fun, I am planning mine as well so we can compare notes!

spymum said...

As this is to be a fun party, it is perfectly fine to have fun with your font, so #1 and #2 are my faves (leaning towards #2 the most!). It is not a wedding so it doesn't have to be strictly, strictly formal!

And you must make it crystal clear about it being a grown-up's party, as this spares feelings and awkwardness.

Funnily enough, over here at weddings people are increasingly asking that kids be left at home with a sitter. If someone asks, then one should abide by the request.

This is an elegant, grown up party - you have a sitter for your own offspring, so it is fine to ask that others do the same!

And when I hear 'garden party' I think floaty summer dress, pretty shoes and hat! Your wording should be fine!

(Wish I were invited!) LOL!

Kris said...

I vote for #2 font - and you are right, even if you don't mention the children, some people aren't sharp enough to get that - especially if they know you have children, they will think they can bring theirs along to play with yours :) Funny, I just read about this situation in a local paper - I totally forget what the columnist suggested as to the kids vs no kids. I think it was along the lines of: you need to be specific, so that no one ASSUMES anything. Could you tell people verbally when they call to RSVP?? That way you could leave your formal invite as is ??? Hmmm, tough one, Momma ....

SLC said...

I like font choice 2 also. The "kid" thing is tough. Addressing the invite to "Mr. & Mrs. Lalala" should be clear, but some people just get that. Maybe when/if you call to follow up or they call to RSVP you can say, "I'm really looking forward to seeing/visiting you & your husband/wife". ???

Head Hen said...

I was JUST about to make a post about my DSLR Nikon D80. I L-O-V-E this camera! I take pics EVERYDAY and they are fabulous. Mine was a Christmas gift from Husband and we really do use it everyday. I suggest getting a portable photo lab (like the Epson Picture Mate Deluxe Viewer) so that you can print them on vacation (or just anywhere).


I like the second font. We're horse people ourselves and have been counting down to the derby already.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

2 & 3 are my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have an off-topic question for MM & others. Do y'all have any cute "token" hostess gift ideas for ladies throwing me a baby shower? Since there are 6 or 7 of them, I'd really like to stay under $20. $10 or $15 would be even better. Thanks so much for any ideas!!

Elizabeth H. said...

You would think that people would know that a Derby Day party is for adults only, but you never now what people will do. I like #3.

Mackenna said...

I like the first one. I'm jealous though, I wanted to have a derby party and my husband told me that was a silly idea and none of our friends would want to come. Which now that I have it written out sounds a bit harsh... Anywho be glad you didn't win the lottery, there was a E! True Hollywood Story about lottery winners and it just seems like everything goes to hell in a handbasket after you win the lottery. All the people on the special were divorces, or in rehab, wasted the money, or had died in an icky way.

That's Sew Sally said...

I think GPA is a little vague. Not many people our age have ever been to a real garden party from Ricky Nelson's Days. Our generation is much more casual and might think you mean their nice shorts and Birkenstocks (yikes!). I like the idea of the poem and I think it can still be formal. Just don't make it too cutesy by making up words. Or maybe use the formal invitation and in the corner put the poem about the attire and hats. Kids are a sticky subject. I'd make sure it is clear somehow. Again some people just do not know their kids are not welcome every place they go. Good Luck!

PS...I like #3 but seems like I am outvoted. #2 is easiest to read.

Linger Longer said...

I like #3! Sure hate we will miss this one! I will drink a mint julep in your honor that day. I like the adults only request- it is polite, but light.

Amber Lee said...

I like font 2; stick with GPA. If it's a derby party, people who aren't sure will look up what you would wear to a derby themed party. As for the kids, I have no clue. My parents made it a point to turn down parties that didn't invite children and only throw parties that children could attend. They are quite big on the full family being invited, so I've never seen any other invitation.

Anonymous said...

I vote for #2!

Also, I'd leave the adults only reference on the card, just to avoid any awkwardness. There's the possibility (although I hope remote :) ) that everyone won't RSVP (I just went through this with DD's birthday party - invited 25 children from her class and received three RSVPs - argh!) or that when they do respond they'll get your voicemail..


Alyson said...

I like #2 the best! I have read all of the comments and I really think that you are gonna have to address the "no kids" on the invite. Some people just will not get it! I changed my pic just for you! See you tomorrow if not sooner!

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion (centering the main body):

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Come place your bets and be here to cheer!
Monogram Momma and Mr. Monogram
cordially invite you to celebrate the
Running of the 133rd Kentucky Derby
Mint Juleps and Munchies in the Garden

Saturday, May 5th
3 o’clock in the afternoon
123 Monogram Court
Somewhere, S.E. 12345

R.s.v.p. (123) 456-7890
Garden Party Attire

gilley said...

I grew up in Louisville and love to hear when people have Derby parties!

I agree that word of mouth would be the best way to spread the "no children" thing. Absolute, worst case scenario, if one or two people show up with children, you'll have a sitter on hand.

I usually assume (day or night) that a get-together that is formal enough to send an invitation for is adult only unless otherwise specified.

I think "Derby attire" is perfect. Most ladies associate hats with that.

I'll email you with some cute betting ideas and cards that I did for my party.

Monogram Momma said...

Anonymous, that is a really good suggestion.Thank you!!

And it looks like font #2 is winning by a landslide!

And Gilly, I would LOVE some betting ideas. We sort-of have it figured out how we're going to do that, but I would LOVE any suggestions. Email me! monogrammomma@charter.net

Thanks for all the tips and feedback everyone! This really helps getting all these opinions!

Anonymous said...

I like font #2

sorry can't help with the other questions.

cel said...

I like font#1 and love Derby attire or ' belle chapaux s'il vous plait' would be cute too! what color ink/paper?
the southeren living board has a ton of links on derby parties- esp recipe ideas--what do you have in mind for your details...

Melissa said...

I vote for #2. It's casual but elegant. It's also the most legible.

Regarding the "adults only" issue, I think putting it on the invite is the most clear way to go about it. No one will be offended. Personally, I'd be thrilled to be encouraged to hire a babysitter & have some fun!
Please let us know how the party goes. Maybe post a few pics of the decorations or some of the fun hats?

lauren said...

I like #2! #3 is too hard to read imho. With 37 couples, that's too many to leave to chance. I think old school etiquitte would say not to put it on the invitation, but a lot of people are clueless these days, so you have to be specific.

Monogram Momma said...

Yeah, I agree that 37 couples is too many to leave it to chance. So I think I will have to put something. And it's not like I'm just going to put "No Kids!" at the bottom or anything!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

A few nits - if you are trying to be formal, you may want to reconsider use of the word "munchies" as its a pretty casual term. Also, "the Fifth of May" is more formal and easier to read than the superscript "th". You may also want to spell out your state, not using abbreviation - again sort of formalizes it. And I don't use zip codes (i work for a custom wedding invite shop).

I think that if you are going to say no children, you shouldn't have to apologize - just say "Adults Only Please" You have the right to throw whatever type of party you want :-).

I like what you have for the attire.