12 January, 2007

Reader Requests: 07 Agendas & Calligraphy Markers

I know I haven't exactly been "wow-ing" you guys with any big projects or ideas lately. But I'm working on a big organization post for next week, and in the middle of working on a ribbon embellished dust ruffle and roman shade as well. You'll be hearing about those next week.

Today I've got a few reader requests to answer because I've been a little behind on that, but then later this afternoon I've got a really fun and exciting announcement to make for all of you celebrity gossip obsessed folks besides me out there! So make sure you check back!

Laura writes:
Besides saying hello, I was looking to see if you have any suggestions on where to find cute day planners/organizers. I picked up a black leather bound one a few years ago and it is definitely looking worse for wear, plus I would love to find a bright color. Any suggestions?

Well, Laura, Horchow has really beautiful crocodile embossed leather yearly planners, address books, and journals in all our favorite preppy colors that you can also personalize. Alyssa also pointed out that the Kate Spade “Debra Pocket” small sized planners are now on sale for $52 at See Jane Work. With colors like black with a chartreuse green inside or white with pink combo, how can you go wrong? Of course, the Mom Agenda is also a big hit which can also be picked up at See Jane Work.

Perhaps my favorite agenda’s are from Neiman’s. I love the pink and green, but you shouldn’t really be surprised at that, and what’s more is you can also have it personalized. Yippee!
And I think you know how I feel about Coach. In fact, you could probably find it inscribed on a tree inside a heart somewhere, so I also suggest you go take a look at what Coach has to offer in the way of preppy little planners. But after you check out the planners at Coach, head over to eLuxury (oooh La Laaaaaa) and perhaps a little Louis Vuitton number might catch your eye.

Oh! And don’t forget checking out the old classics like the updated Malibu collection from Daytimer which comes in some great colors and prices, as does Franklin Covey have some really fabulously stylish and colorful options as well. But, if you’re not looking for something you don't have to make a lifetime commitment too and just looking for something colorful and cute to get you through the year, then you must check out the Vera Bradley Agenda in Java blue (which I am seeing everywhere this season) or petal pink.

Nancy writes:
I have been searching all over the internet for some special pens. I am about to start addressing my wedding invitations (no calligraphy here though!)...and I am looking for a dark brown pen to address them in. (my colors are chocolate and sky blue) I live in a small town in Eastern NC and there are no craft shops for hours. I have a Sanford Calligraphy Marker in black that writes at the width that I like, but have had NO luck finding a brown one. I'm trying not to have to buy boxes of sets of pens, because I'd rather just buy a bunch of brown ones individually. Any suggestions on where to look online for something like this??

Actually, yes! Online, you will want to hit Marker Supply for sure and take a look at these. Praise the marker God’s they come in brown! But also check out a few online scrapbooking stores. I am not a scrapbooker myself but there are a million online stores just waiting out there when I goggled it.

Second of all, if you have a friend (or bridesmaid perhaps?) who happens to live near JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s, then I would see if they wouldn’t mind talking a stroll down the scrapbooking aisles. There are all sorts of scrapbooking pens and pens for photo archiving that are probably exactly what you are looking for, and I do know they come in brown.


Caroline said...

Wow I love the agenda from Neiman's. When my Kate Spade gets too old, I will be switching to one like that. (maybe even sooner than later if that one goes on sale)

Susan D said...

Hi Nancy/MM - -

I have done calligraphy since I was in elementary school. (Nerd), but I love the Shaeffer pens. http://www.sheaffer.com/ They have ink refills, in an assortment of colors & also the nibs (pen tips) come in different sizes/widths. You may want to check into these. I'm not sure if you can purchase online or not. These aren't markers, so it's a little different writing with these.

Best of luck!

Laura said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Does this celebrity gossip have anything to do with there no longer being a JT&CD? Or do you have something better, because this week has been DULL

Melissa said...

Love, love, love the pink monogrammed one at Neiman's! My firm always buys us planners to use at work but they are boring! Wonder how they would take to me forwarding them some of your suggestions?

Fairfax said...

How about the nice coloured agendas from Filofax? They used to be very stodgy colours, but now they come in pinks and blues and even some Lily-looking prints.