13 December, 2006

Even The Scrooges of Stationery Can't Touch the Things I Love Today

Once again I’m popping on quickly this morning as I find myself, AGAIN, without much time. Mr. Monogram has left town this morning for the rest of the week and with no pre-school today Mini #1 is having a play date. Good thing I thought ahead because it’s rainy and gross outside so our plans are to go pick up his buddy Sam and head out to our local jumpity jump inflatable places so I can efficiently wear them out for an hour. After that I’ll probably bring them all home, throw some food in the trough for them, and let them play for a while until it’s time for Sam to go home and naptime in our house. Yes, I’ve got this all planned out very carefully and down to the minute, actually!

And since I know many of you are just dying to know, would you believe I still haven’t heard back from anyone at Inviting Smiles? Really people, just avoid doing business with them at all cost. Someone suggested I contact the consumerist and admittedly, this SAHM has no idea what that is, I’m going to be looking into that today. I did send them one final email, which I will share below.

From: Monogram Momma
kim@invitingsmiles.com ; invitingsmiles@aol.com ; customercomments@invitingsmiles.com ; cheryl@invitingsmiles.com
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 7:48 AM
Subject: Re: Poor Experiences/Internet Review

To Whom It May Concern at Inviting Smiles,

I'm going to assume that someone somewhere in your company is reading my emails and posts on my blog (yes, I can track who reads my blog, where they are and when they're reading), because it is just a little too ironic for me that exactly 16 minutes after my post about your poor customer service yesterday, EM received a UPS notification from you saying her order had been shipped. Either that or it's a Christmas miracle.

However, since you have no intention of contacting me yourself and trying to redeem your company's name and reputation, or at the very least showing you posses some sort of conscious and good graces, I feel the need to pass along additional names and emails of people who have contacted me that I highly suggest you take care of this morning.

Again, the lines of communication are wide open for you to contact me. Running and hiding is never a good tactic and really only makes you look less credible. I promise I won't bite.

Customers you need to take care of (this list is growing so I will continue to fwd names to you)

SB: sb@xyz.com

CP: cp@xyz.net

KT: kt@xyz.com

Waiting for info from my anonymous reader

+ EM who you already contacted yesterday afternoon


P.S.You know what's going to happen in a few days when people Google "Inviting Smiles?" It's going to provide them a link to my blog where potential customers can read the truth about your customer service and how little you value your customers. As I said yesterday, word of mouth is a very powerful force, so I highly recommend you start returning phone calls and emails. It's called business etiquette. You might want to read up on it.

Okay, so that’s the last I’m going to mention the company I have now dubbed the Scrooges of Stationery. Although I suppose if you prefer the Grinch's of Greetings, you could call them that as well. But regardless, I’m not talking about it again unless they contact me or you guys are just itching to know. I will still, however, continue my correspondence with those of you who contacted me for help and continue to do what I can. Apparently though, they have no intention of stepping up to the plate. Bah humbug to them.

However, in much happier news today, I’m thrilled to share some new Things I Love Today and really recommend these as gifts. Speaking of, remember last week when I shared “A Brown Dog” t-shirt company with you? Well I spoke to the owner and she is just as nice as can be and what I really wanted to share with you as a follow-up is that a portion of each sale goes to her local animal shelter and the Labrador Retriever Rescue. And you know since I am all about the little details, these tees come all wrapped up with ribbon and a hand-written note. Now THAT is taking care of a customer and sharing good will to all!

Now, let’s get on with some great finds…

The Baby Bunch
Tell me what new or expectant mom wouldn’t love to get a bouquet of roses made out of onesies? The Baby Bunch is simply too fabulous and creative for words! Now seriously, Martha really needs to jump all over this little company because this is seriously a good thing. It’s too bad they don’t offer personalization or monogramming but really I think we could pull this one off ourselves too and SERIUOSLY, can you THINK of a baby gift that would make a better presentation? Okay, well aside from my basket of goodies.

Monogrammed Ice Cream Holder
Now you can have your ice cream AND eat it too. l I don’t know that this is exactly approved by Weight Watchers or not, but who the heck cares?! You show me a monogrammed ice cream holder that holds entire pint of ice cream and I’ll lead the way to Ben & Jerry’s!

‘Tis the Season for buying and giving lots of bottles of wine to our ever gracious hostesses at all those fancy parties, and what better accessory to pair with that bottle of Bordeaux other than a Santa’s behind sticking out of a chimney? Well nothing, that’s what!

Monogrammed Golf Umbrella
Raindrops are falling on my head! Well, not MY head, because I am the lucky owner of this little beauty from A. Tierney. And I don’t have to tell you guys what I think of A. Tierney since I’ve mentioned them loads before and I’ve been a customer for 4 years. Really though, this umbrella is so well made with a nice wooden handle and wooden top, and with a preppy grosgrain ribbon button enclosure to top it all off you’ll never be caught all wet and soggy again!

Monogrammed Playing Cards & Bridge Set
Have a card or bridge player on your list? Then I’ve got the perfect thing for you! Head on over to my church of Horchow and pick these lovelies up for that special person on your list so they will be on top of their game at the next bridge tournament.

Suede Playing Card Set
Not a bridge Player? No worries, I’ve got you covered! I adore this little suede set for traveling especially! You know, Mr. Monogram and I play lots of cards at the beach so how convenient and cute would this be tucked inside my little monogrammed bag? It sure beats the old cardboard box set I usually tote along, that’s for sure.

Miniature Monogrammed Branding Iron

Being the carnivores that we are over here in the Monogram household, this is something we definitely need. Really, who DOESN’T need a branding iron with their initials? That is the more logical question here.

[No Picture available]

Design-Her Gals
I think by now we are all aware of this super creative company. I even saw the owner on Martha giving her cards made in her own likeness so you know if my girl Martha says it’s a good thing, then a good thing it is. Aside from creating your own girl on stationery and note cards, I love the idea of creating a gal and putting her on recipe cards for your friends or family (in their likeness of course). Pair it with a cute little apron, of course, MONOGRAMMED, and you’ve got yourself one great little gift. Personally, I like to put my gal in leg warmers paired with big hoop earrings and an off-the-shoulder number, but hop on over there and have some fun. PS. Current Promo code at check out is HOLIDAZE for 15% off!


Anonymous said...

Theplaying card set is perfect. My family plays cards all the time and we're always keeping score on the back of a receipt or a napkin or something; plus the little suede pouch is adorable. I was struggling for some last minute gift ideas - thanks!

emmas said...

Adorable ideas...that ice cream holder is perfect for my oldest brother. He'll keep it full of Blue Bell homemade vanilla.

Monogram Momma said...

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH BLUE BELLL... COME TO ME, BLUE BELL! Have you had the bananna pudding w/ vanilla wafers ice cream? seriuosly it should be illegal.

Pink Cupcakes said...

I love the ice cream holder...so cute...but do you rekon it would be ok in the freezer for long period of time?

Monogram Momma said...

I don't know, PC, that is a good question. But I think this is something you put the ice cream contatainer in and then hold it with that little handle so your hands don't get all cold. So you don't actually store it in the freezer, just put the container in it when you pull the ice cream out of the freezer.

STL Sarah said...

The email to Inviting Smiles is wonderfully well-written. A great way to close this out. I hope everyone gets their cards in time for Christmas!

Oh, and I HAVE to have that umbrella...

Anonymous said...

Hey Monogram Momma...I finally scrolled down and figured out how to post a comment...I absolutely LOVE your site!!! The email you sent Inviting Smiles MADE MY DAY! Although, I dont know what to do now, knowing that people who ordered in the beginning of NOVEMBER, still havent recieved their cards...I ordered mine the 3rd of Dec...They will not respond to any emails,and wont pick up their phone, and havent checked their messages, because the mailbox has been full now for 12 days...atleast. (that is how long I have been calling) I really appreciate you taking the time to help all of us who have ordered from them, and have not recieved anything.
Do you think letting the Better Buisness Bureau know would help? I have already put a call into NBC10 here in Philly...

Feelin not so jolly,

erikaboo said...

I am so glad I found your site! I am having so much trouble with Inviting Smiles and still have not received my Christmas cards (ordered November 15th).

I am going to blog about how bad they are too. Boo, Inviting Smiles. Boo.

Sarah Porter said...

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