22 December, 2006

Annnnnnd The Winner IS!!

Once again I am just amazed by all my creative and fun loving preppy readers! You guys are the BEST! I swear! I really love doing this contest because you guys never dissapoint!

Now I must say, this was a close one and we actually have a tie for first place. I counted everyone who got a vote. So even if someone placed two votes, both people they voted for received votes. And now, what you've ALLLLLLLLLL been waiting for!!!

The tie goes to....

Alyssa (the Preppy Princess)



Horray!!! Horray!!! Great job everyone!!!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to email their cards to me for the contest, and also everyone who voted. I am so excited by all the excitement from you guys and LOVE your participation. You guys really make this so much fun for everyone!

The winners will each be receiving monogrammed ribbon cuff bracelets by Creative Ta Da. This is the one I have, with my monogram in a circle and I ADORE it. I'll be sending you each an email today to get yuor personal information and monogram! Congratulations!!!


the preppy princess said...

Awesome way to end the week. Molto grazie to everyone that voted for me!

Many, many thanks to MM for hosting another fun, exciting, and fabulous installment of "Show Me Yours"!

Alyson said...


emma's pulse said...

Cute cute cute! Merry Christmas to you, MM, and to your wonderful family!

Tod said...

Have a Great Christmas!!!