27 November, 2006

Turkey Day Re-Cap & a NEW Show Me Yours!

Hopefully everyone is back in full swing today after the long holiday. I, for one, really enjoyed the time off from blogging and just laying around doing nothing. Well, we did take down all the Fall decorations to make way for my Christmas decor that is about to spew its way into the house and yard, but I'll save that for another day. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, though! Aside from mini mongram #1 spiking a 102 degree fever on Thanksgiving and getting a little tummy virus, everything was great. Here are a few little highlights of the Monogram turkey.
Here is our girl. Sadly, we did not think enough of her to name her as the PP and fam named their turkey, but she was a good 'ol turkey none the less. Name or not. We loved her and rubbed her with lots of yummy spices, then injected her with a spicy cajun marinade. She was a good strong one too, because she didn't flinch once with all those needle pricks going into her backside!

This is about the moment in the day when I warned Mr. Monogram, my dad, and BIL that really they should be frying the turkey on the cement driveway and not the grass.

Just in case THIS happens and 350 degrees of oil comes overflowing out of the pot and onto the lawn and grass, creating the prefect environment for a fire. And well allknow how I feel about fire.

Ta-Da! Well this is how she looked upon her first removal from the fryer. She actualy made another trip inside since she wasn't entirely cooked but she sure is pretty, don't you think?!

Breakfast! Who would have thougth a wreath of leaves and turkey would taste so good? Well Sandara Lee did, that's who!

So now the turkey’s all gone, and there’s only one more slice of pecan pie left, so with the fall holidays a memory of yesterday(well, last week, anyway), it’s time to start moving onto Christmas. Yippie! I guess I’ve been going on and on about Christmas here for a while now (or at least since Halloween ended), but it’s now time to really start getting into the nitty gritty of things. And nothing says “Welcome Holidays! I’m a crazed purchasing person arguing with people in Target over the last plasma screen!” quite like a Show Me Yours competition, right? So in honor of all of our late nights and panic stricken days and weekends full of parties, packaging, and wrapping that lay ahead of us, I’m giving you plenty of time to get things together for the next competition. So, without further waiting, monogram momma is happy to announce…

Show Me Yours, I’ll Show you Mine…..

Holiday Cards!

Yes, that’s right! You heard it here first! You asked and I aim to deliver so by popular request, email me pictures or proofs of your holiday cards and I'll show you mine too! Now, DON'T PANIC. I'm announcing it today to give you guys plenty of time so don't feel rushed. The deadline will be Sunday Evening, December 17th, so that should give you guys enough of a head start and give you plenty of planning time. I will then post all the entries on Monday, the 18th and leave the voting open for a few days since I know we will all be extremely busy with that being the last week before Christmas and all. So get working on those cards and email them to me ASAP!

P.S. Oh! One more thing! Card contest is for photo AND non-photo cards and I am still working out the details in my head, but I am thinking there may be categories such as "Best DIY Card" and "Best Store Bought/Ordered Card" and POSSIBLY even "Funniest or Best Play on Words Card" so everyone feel free to send your cards in! And if you do send in a photo card but wish to remain anonymous, just let me know and I can blur out faces if you so desire. More details will trickle out this week from me so stay tuned!


Susan said...

My BIL also does a fabulous fried turkey...yummy! It looks like your family ate as much as we did - a few extra minutes on the treadmill for me this week!

Mel said...

It all looks so delicious... and that little wreath is awesome, so Martha!

marta said...

where should i e-mail the proof of the holiday card?
i've been reading your blog for quie a while.and i never seem to be able to e-mail anything,or participate for that matter :|
tahnk you,so much.

Pink Cupcakes said...

i have lost your email address too?