28 November, 2006

A Guest Speaker

Hello all. First things first... this is not Monogram Momma. This is the Bossy Barwife. MM and I were IMing this morning and she asked if I would do a guest post for her today. As you can imagine, this left me feeling quite inadequate and a little worried about my skills as a blogger.

However, she seemed serious in her request, and described her mood in the following words:

"Bitchy, tired, crabby, crampy, and a tiny bit nauseous"

I've certainly been there.

So, since that's what friends are for, I decided to go for it, since I was so honored that she would share the keyboard with me.

First of all, let me give you a reminder about the three chickadees 20% sale (code: thanks) that I believe ends today. I just ordered a couple of Christmas presents from there, and my browser was acting crazy, so I wasn't sure if the order went through. Turns out, it went through twice, and nice Lisa emailed me immediately to let me know that the second transaction would be voided. That is some serious customer service right there!

Secondly, MM said we could discuss some things we want her to work on for us in the way of crafts, etc. Since her to-do list isn't quite long enough, I thought we could all add to it.

Here are a few things on my wish-list:

1. I still need some help with all my wine corks. We keep drinking wine, so the corks are piling up, and I am at a loss. My husband wants me to make a wreath, but I'm scared.

2. I am always interested in posts regarding gift ideas. I know she's done one for teachers, but I'd love to read any ideas for nieces and nephews who have enough toys, in-laws, etc.

3. More simple yet delicious recipes are always welcome, as are book recommendations.

What would you like to see from the Momma?

Many thanks for reading today-- I know it wasn't as inspirational as your usual daily dose of Monogram, but I was nervous. I'm sure MM will be back to her old self soon enough, God willing.


J said...

I made a bulletin board with wine corks. I used a shallow tray and glued them into place. If I can remember, I’ll post a photo of it tonight on my blog!

I would love gift ideas for my boyfriend’s parents...usually I just make them cookies and give them a bottle of wine. They aren’t big wine drinkers but I always have trouble thinking of a better idea!

Melissa said...

Good job guesting, BBW!

Sorry to hear you're under the weather, MM. Maybe a little retail therapy would help.

Marsha said...

I need help with:

= Gifts for men who find the holidays nothing if not bemusing.

= And mothers who won't stop shopping for themselves long enough to allow anyone to buy anything.

My husband and my mom are the source of probably 85% of my Christmas present angst in any given year.

Jessica Nell said...

I'll tel you what I do with my wine corks - as they accumulate, I write the date and occasion for each bottle on the cork and put them in a pretty decorative bowl on my coffee table. serves as a great conversation piece! hope i helped :)

Laura said...

Crafts: How to make an Initial Wreath
Gift Idea for those people who have everything: Heifer International.

Libby said...

I made a bulletin board too! However, being slightly less crafty than J, I ordered a little kit that supplies you with everything you need (well, everything but the corks!)


jilly said...

MM, we ALL have days like that and I hope that yours passes as pleasantly as possibly. Bossy, very good job! I love your suggestions. I especially like the one about hard to buy for nieces and nephews.

I am putting together a snack basket with homemade movie treats for my BF's parents along with a couple of DVD's.

Monogram Momma said...

Hi Guys, just popping on to say a quick hello and tell you you all have such great ideas. Also, I am LOVING the new commenters! Don't be afraid! I promise I won't bite!

Oh! And if you ever need to contact me, my email address can always be found on the top-right hand corner under my Profile.

Didn't Bossy do a great job, today?! Thanks a ton!

Bossy Bar-Wife said...

Thanks for all your support, and I especially thank you, MM! These comments have some great ideas/suggestions. Blogs are so fun.

sewgracious said...

Way to go Bossy Bar-Wife! You under estimate yourself. You did a super job!

In response to Laura's post about Heifer International...although I don't have "everything" a friend did donate some ducks in my honor one time. I thought it was pretty cool. ;-)

MM....the "tiny bit nauseous" has me wondering about a possible Mini #3. ;-)

STL Sarah said...

Jessica- we do that with our corks too. We've got a big glass urn that we keep them in. It's fun to go back and look at what wine we were drinking at each occasion. What I'm stuck on is the wine bottles. My fiance loves to save them, and I'm sure there must be something cool we can do with them.

lauren said...

MM-how about some ideas for decorating our mailboxes for the holidays? I don't want to put a plain ol' red bow on it, but I am stumped. :)

Melissa said...

Sarah, My husband saves the wine bottles too! I don't get it personally, but he likes to do it.

Lauren, I like the mailbox decoration idea too!