12 November, 2006

Holiday Card Coupons

When we left each other on Friday, I mentioned I was celebrating my anniversary this weekend since Mr. Monogram is going to be out of town for our actual anniversary tomorrow, and I also said I would post the holiday card discounts. Well at least I accomplished one out of 2, right? I had every intention of posting those discounts but the next thing I knew, I was laying down for a teeny tiny nap and didn’t wake up until the mini monograms did (3 hours later) and well, that was the entire afternoon gone. Oops! We did manage to go out to the most fabulous restaurant for dinner Saturday evening to celebrate and the perfect date night celebrating our anniversary was topped off by an oh-so-exciting trip to the bookstore. I know, we’re really living life on the edge here at the Monogram household. But still, nothing and I do mean nothing beats the gift that mini #2 has given Mr. Monogram and I. I’m getting all teary just thinking of it, really, I am. And my friends, it is the gift of potty training. YAHOOO!!! And I know that might not seem very crafty or Martha to you, but seriously, do you have any idea how much creativity is actually involved to get a little guy potty trained? LOTS. So you better believe I will be sharing this info in the Holiday letter that’s included with out Christmas cards and I’m sure 15 years from now, he will be utterly embarrassed that everyone on the planet remembers when he was potty trained. But since I shared that info about mini #1 in last years letter, really I think it’s only fair I do the same to mini #2. I mean, every parent I know is always saying how the second one doesn’t get the attention the first one does, so as far as I’m concerned I’m just evening out the playing field and making things fair, really.

So now It’s Monday, and also of significance, my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! And aside from it being Monday and my parents’ anniversary, there are also only 11 more days until Thanksgiving in case you haven’t noticed, thus, the official kick-off of the holiday shopping. I don't know abouyou, but time of year makes me feel like I need to don a referee uniform and whistle every time I even run to target so I can help run interference between all the crazed parents, vying for the last DMX Elmo. Admittedly, I have not accomplished as much as I would have liked by this point, and in fact, have only purchased 2 gifts to date out of the 31 people (not including the mini’s & Mr. M) who are currently on my list. But as we all know, that number is subject to change at any time so I really need to get hopping as I am started to feel a little tightness in my chest from the pending anxiety attack that’s waiting on the horizon for me.

So in the spirit of “better late than never,” I wanted to go ahead and post the Holiday card online discount codes I promised you all. I know that these greetings are in the forefront of everyone’s mind these days and yes, as many of you have asked, I will be addressing lots of ideas to make your own holiday cards, whether your style is classic and preppy or contemporary and streamlined so stay tuned because that too, my friends is also on the horizon (along with my anxiety attack).

Tiny Prints:
15% off promotion by using the code CELEBFAN until November 30

Pen & Parchment:
On December 13th the current 15% discount on holiday items will be reduced to 10%. (Stacy Claire Boyd items are always discounted at least 10% on the site, so with the additional holiday discounts, customers save significantly).

Here are the coupon codes that will be valid (in addition to the 10% reduction) from Nov 13 to Dec 15:

Spend $100 and save 10% with coupon code Holiday10
Spend $200 and save 15% with coupon code Holiday15
Spend $400 and save 20% with coupon code Holiday20
Free Shipping on any size order with coupon code HolidayFS

*P&P owner, Claire, also includes free proofs on all Stacy Claire Boyd “imagitation” orders. Please note that no other stationery sites offer this, so all in all the prices on Stacy Claire Boyd products are very competitive. ( Claire loves the brand and wants to make it affordable to others if she can).

Inviting Smiles:
20% off all Holiday Collections Through November 15
Don't have a photo yet? Order now and they’ll hold the sale price! Discounts are reflected in prices on site.

Belly Bean Designs:
Use discount code BBDMWS for 10% off

Photo Affections:
use coupon code PAMWS for 10% off

Naptime Productions:
Save $5.00 if they receive your holiday card order by November 20th. Your savings will be automatically included during online checkout.

2 Skirts:
Free Return Address Imprinting on the envelopes for your Photo Cards Order.
Order your Photo Cards, and then add our product for free return address imprinting to your order. Click the envelope for the imprinting order. Hurry - this special ends on October 31, 2006.

Fine Stationery:
Sweet Pea Designs has decided to extend their FREE Printed Return Address promotion on select Personalized Holiday Items.

San Lori designs is offering FREE Printed Return Address on select Holiday Items.
Sale Ends 12/15/2006

10% OFF Select Monica Maslack Holiday Items.
Sale Ends 11/30/2006

Impressions In Print:
Free standard shipping on orders $75
10-15% off select holiday cards

Rock Scissor Paper:
Well it’s not for holiday cards per sey, but if you’re looking for invitations, buy any box of regular price party invitations and you’ll receive FREE, their favorite holiday cookie recipes. Offer good 11/10/06-11/24/06

My Gatsby:
Receive a 10% savings at MyGatsby.com. Visit www.mygatsby.com, and enter the promotional code AMEXKNOT at checkout. The 10% savings will be applied to your entire order after checkout, when you pay with The Nest Credit Card from American Express.
Offer ends 12/31/06.

20 Free prints for new customers all the time, automatically applied at checkout

Receive 20% off All photo cards by entering coupon code CARDS06 at checkout. Offer good through 12/31/06

Receive 15% off your entire order when ypu Enter This Coupon Code At Checkout: MBARGAINS1511

$0.99 shipping credit when you Enter This Coupon Code At Checkout: AFF99OFF06

New!!! Get 50 Free Prints at PhotoWorks with coupon code C594-38-5104-11 Coupon must be entered during online checkout

Get Free Standard Shipping with coupon code C609-38-5164-21

Get Free Shipping at Photoworks on orders over $25 or more with code C593-38-5182-91

Receive 30 FREE 4x6 Digital Prints via coupon code C622-38-5144-71

12 free, 4x8 photo cards until Nov 14th when you sign up for a free Shutterfly account

50, 4x6 digital prints free until Nov 30th by using coupon code PT436EM2

Kodak Gallery:
20% off %10+ when you enter Enter This Coupon Code At Checkout: POSTMYPHOTOS

20% Off Photo Greeting Cards when you Enter This Coupon Code At Checkout: ENTCARD20

Buy 4 Photo Card sets, Get One Free when you Enter This Coupon Code At Checkout: AECARDS

40% Off $20+ when you Enter This Coupon Code At Checkout: SAVINGS40


Amy G. said...

Wow--thanks for all the coupon codes! Woohoo! Glad your anniversary celebration was fun, too. I'm still shell-shocked from the game this weekend and can't quite figure out what exactly went on there. I'm deep in ACC country and had to listen on satellite radio. :( Oh well--this is double motivation for the Iron Bowl! War Eagle!!!!

Mrs. P said...

Thanks for the codes!

Monogram Momma said...

Yeah, what in the WORLD was up with that game?!?! I don't know why our tigers even bothered to show up after that mess on Sat because we totally should have cleaned up the field with the Dawgs. I would rather us lose to Bama than to UGA! But like you said, let's hope this is motivation for this weekend again UA!

the mom said...

Yes, I too, agree that the Tigers had a sorry showing. We should have leveled them, but instead, they leveled us. UGH! We better get it together before this weekend.

For those of you (you'll have to use this for next season) that are somewhere other than the SEC, you can often times get the games online for FREE! at http://sports.yahoo.com/top/collegebroadcast
or if they aren't showing it, and you want to pay, you can go to ESPN.com and watch.

Lets Roll that Tide..

Anonymous said...

This weekend was awesome for us here in Kiwi land. The All Blacks (our national rugby team) absolutely demolished France.

Mrs. P said...

MM- Is that your parents in the picture? If so, your Mother is beautiful!!!

Monogram Momma said...

Awwww, thanks Mrs. P! Yep, That's them! 41 years ago today!

emma's pulse said...

You should get a medal for posting all of those codes...thank you so very much! Now to pick which cards to buy! Your parents look like movie stars..what a great photo. And Happy Real Anniversary for Tuesday - treat yourself well.

Anonymous said...

the code for Tiny Prints is not valid according to their site :(

Monogram Momma said...

Anonymous.. I don't know why it didn't work for you as a friend of mine just used that code last week after I posted it to order holiday invitations from Tiny Prints. I am going to email them and then I'll post an update. I hope you check back so you can read this!

weddingplanninggrl said...

I missed what the coupon codes are and can't figure out how to get the original post--can u please type them again? thanks!!

julie said...

Hi. I am not seeing where inviting smiles is offering 20% off?? it is nowhere on their site and it does'nt reflect changed pricing...is there a code??

Monogram Momma said...

Julie: this post is old. On the front page of my blog there is a current code for 20% off Pen & Parchment which is good through Nov. 14th 2007. Use code MM20.

Chris and Amy said...

Such a great website. I tried the coupon code for Photo Affections, but the website said it is invalid. Any suggestions? I was trying to get my order in today to take advantage of their already reduced cards. Thank you!!