28 November, 2006

Bar Wife Rocks

So it's finally Wednesday, or "hump day" as it's also known, and I hope theat means I can get over this hump of feeling so navy and green. On that note, let me get a warm round of applause for the Bossy Bar Wife for guest blogging for me yesterday. *clapping* She did an awesome job of pinch hitting for me in my time of need so I could spend the day being gloomy in bed and I really appreciate it. Her wit and humor never dissapoints and BBW, you are welcome to blog over here any time! Also, you should know, I have noted everyone's project requests and WOW... We sure do have some wine lovers over here at monogram momma's don't we?!

Speaking of wine, I just have to say, that I was thinking of Bar Husband's wine cork wreath idea last night and you know? It isn't half bad! Really! If you took your wine corks and drilled holes through sides (horizontally, so you could read the top of the cork, not vertically), just small holes, then you can string it into a garland (a very good smelling garland at that!) and wrap it onto a wreath (like a wooden grapevine wreath). Or, if Bar Husband is going to put up a tree at said bar, you could take the wine cork garland and adorn the tree with it. Of course, if you happen you happen to have a casual, earthy style Christmas tree at home you could always use that as well. It might look sort of cute and fun! So, tell Bar Husband, monogram momma doesn't think he was too far off the mark with his cork wreath idea. Oh! One more thing! If you do the wine cork wreath as I described above, you can always take an empty small sized mini wine bottle, and affix it to the top of the wreath with some pretty ribbon. If you really wanted, you could make a new label for the wine bottle that you would then place at the top of the wreath (with the bow, remember), bearing a holiday greeting, or even your monogram if you so desire. Just a thought. That might be a bit over the top though for you. I mean, we don't want people to think they need to stage an intervention to send you to AA or anything over a holiday wreath made of wine corks.

Also, Sarah said her fiancee like to save the wine bottles too, so she is looking for some ideas on how to decorate with those. And while I am not a fan of keeping them myself, I am happy to see what kinds of ideas I can come up with for the rest of you that are. So Sarah, let me tell you that I was in a restaurant a while ago and the chandelier hanging over the bar was made from wine bottles. It was really simple, actually. It was a round, rustic looking circle (large), with a smaller circle cut out of the center so it was like a wreath. Then affixed to the ledge were different colored wine bottles. Using a drill bit for glass, the bottles had holes drilled into the bottom where a lighting kit was retrofitting in there. So each bottle had it's own light in it, and once it was turned on, created a really neat look and glow from all the different colored bottles. Don't get me wrong. I am not suggesting you do something like this in your dining room or even your kitchen, but if you have a basement or "rec room" or perhaps a bar area somewhere in your home as lots of people do these days, then creating a lighting fixture of some sort out of wine bottles for that are might be a fun conversation piece.

So if any of you readers are planning on getting a little "saucy" out there today, at least you'll have a couple ideas for how to decorate with your wine corks. But for those of you laying off the booze today, check back later and I'll have another post up with a Reader Request for holiday gifts.

P.S. While yes, this is the season to celebrate "THE" immaculate conception, let me assure you there is no mini monogram #3 on the way, unless of course, I am about to have my own immaculate conception and just haven't been told I was "chosen" yet. That would make for some good gossip though, wouldn't it?

P.S.S. I had no idea my email address had disapeared from the side-bar! YIKES! It should be there again now but for those of you ready to send me your holiday card pictures for the Show Me Yours competition, email them to: monogrammomma@charter.net


Anonymous said...

Hello MM! Firstly, props to BBW on her blog-sitting!

And secondly, having a great fondness for wine, I was wondering if it be possible (for clumsy types like myself) to make the cork wreath and use the soft cork as a base to pin greenery and small christmas baubles (for the front door?) How hard is it to make?

And thirdly, I am glad you are back to your pink and green self again! I've been a bit down in the dumps too - there must be something in the water!

Bossy Bar-Wife said...

Thanks, MM, for all the props, AND for the good ideas as usual!

Regarding the wine bottles, I have seen some people melt them down (in what, I don't know... the oven? A kiln? Open fire? who knows), so it's in the shape of a wine bottle but is flat. Then they wrap a little wire with beads or something around the neck part, attach a little cheese knife, and voila! A cheese serving dish.

Sorry I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but they are cute!

STL Sarah said...

Hope you are feeling better! That wine bottle chandelier is a great idea. In fact, we are getting ready to finish the basement and are putting in a wine room, so I think it would be perfect in there!

Monogram Momma said...

Thanks, guys! Spymum, I think if you made a round wreath shape out of wood or even MDF, then glued your corks to that and totally covered it, then yes, that would be a really cute idea and would work in the way you are thinking. Great idea!

And yes, BBW, I've seen those! I found a site earlier about them so I'll find it again about melting the bottles and they become cheese trays. I just saw them at the Junior League holiday show a couple weeks ago.