03 October, 2006

Reader Requests: Teachers Gifts

Shea writes:
I'd love to get some of your ideas for inexpensive, but neat/cool, teacher gifts for my kids teachers. I need to buy 14-15 gifts for my kids' teachers/administrators. I want to keep it in the $10 -$15 range. I'm going to look at the monogrammed key chains from Lauren Nicole Fashions. All but one are for women so I also need to come up with something good for a man (music teacher who is married to one of the administrators). Got any ideas??

Well you know I do, Shea! I will touch on this as we get closer to the holidays and more cute gifts are out after Halloween, but here is a good introductory list for you to take a peek at and see if there’s something that catches your eye.

-One of my favorite little inexpensive gift ideas that makes such a nice impression, is a monogrammed silver keyring from Hand Picked, my favorite silver gift giving site.

-A monogrammed preppy key fob from Sew Gracious Creations for only $8.50! You design each key fob from fabric to webbing to font style and color!

-A monogrammed square silver bookmark is also a great teachers gift, appropriate for a male or female.

-While we’re talking about bookmark;s, these leather bookmarks from Lillian Vernon are SO affordable and come in a handful of great colors that are also personlizable with up to three initials. Now, after Christmas, Lillian Vernon always comes out with a holiday gift buying catalog that has phenomenal teachers gift ideas, and these bookmarks are included in the catalog. However, instead of a heart shape photo opening, they have an apple shaped photo opening which is perfect for a teacher or administrator. You can also check these photo bookmarks out from my favorite photography accessory site, Exposures.

-A personalized insulated beverage container from Lillian Vernon or along these same lines, you can do a personalized stailnless steel insulated travel mug and put a nice bag of specialty coffee, tea bags, or hot cocoa.

-A “Thank You” Message Bean from Spoon Sisters. This is such a creative and special little gift that would be so great for a teacher to keep in the classroom and watch it grow all year long.

-I love the books by Mister Rogers and they make a very thoughtful small gift. Last year I picked up a monogrammed bookmark plus the book Life's Journeys According to Mr. Rogers: Things to Remember Along the Way by Fred Rogers, and on the inside inscribed a little note to each teacher that read: “Dear Mrs. Teacher, Thank you for being a part of my own life journey. With Love, mini monogram.” Alternately, you can also pick up The World According to Mister Rogers too, and write a similar inscription inside. These are the greatest little books!

Now, as a little side note to these suggestions, I will tell you a few things I never give teachers. I never give gift certificates, lotions, potions, or candles. In general (not just for teachers), I just don’t give these things unless I know the person really and tuly loves it because A) a gift card is a little too impersonal for me and B) some people are so sensitive to lotions and scented stuff and besides, teachers get inundated with bath, body, and candles for gifts that I always like to do something differently.

P.S. Don’t forget that you can make any gift, no matter what it cost you look really phenomenal and outstanding with your wrapping, as I talked about a few weeks ago!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, it's all in the packaging!

SLC said...

Thanks so much for all of the great suggestions. I do really like the bookmarks. Who can't use one of those, whether it's for a novel or the lastest issue of Cosmo?? ;-)
I may also check out the silver keyrings.
... and of course they will all be packages with the utmost care. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was a teacher for many years and my favorite gifts were always gift cards! Borders or Starbucks were the best!

Anonymous said...

I was a teacher for many years and my favorite gifts were always gift cards! Borders or Starbucks were the best!

Anonymous said...

I was a teacher for many years and my favorite gifts were always gift cards! Borders or Starbucks were the best!

corinne said...

You may find a gift card too impersonal but don't discount the idea. When teachers have to buy their own classroom supplies or add to their classroom library, it can be a huge help.

I have friends who teach and my SIL teaches 2nd grade in Massachusetts and they all appreciate the gift cards for that reason.

Anonymous said...

Love your personalized ideas for more inexpensive teacher gifts. However, I have to second (or third) the vote for gift cards when you want to spend a little extra for that special teacher. When you take the time to find out a teacher's hobby or favorite nail salon, a gift certificate to the corresponding vendor can be extremely personal and appreciated.

Thanks for a great site. I always come away with ideas!

Monogram Momma said...

Yes, I absolutely see your point there, but I don't want to give a teacher a holiday gift that she feels obligated to have to spend on her students. I want to give him/her a gift that he/she is going to want and use for themselves! And while a gift card to office Max or Staples is very practical and considerate, I would rather give something like that as a beginning of the school year gift to the teacher or as a random, unexpected "thank you for all you do for the class" type of gift.

Anonymous said...

MM- then get a giftcard to starbucks or a nail salon like these ladies said! all these ideas are great. i teach and my favorite gift is by far gift cards. i have so many books, candles, and food. but of course, anything is appreciated.

Jo said...

I am a teacher and I LOVE gift cards to Starbucks, Borders even Tim Horton's.(My kids love any food-related gifts that come home!) I recently received movie theater gift cards that I loved. A gift certificate to Friday's, Applebee's etc. is great, too. I have received nice bottles of wine that were a great idea, too. One year a parent at Christmas time brought me a box of cookies from a nice bakery. I was so busy I didn't have time to bake cookies- it was such a nice gift- and my family loved them! My only suggestion is to lay low on the apple theme!!
Oh- last year a parent gave me mongrammed note pads with ladybugs on them and a matching key fob- that was very cute!! I bought my son's eighth grade teachers all monogrammed note cards from Chelsea paper- they always have a nice selection of note cards on sale. His teachers loved them. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher. All of the above are really nice gifts, but most teachers do NOT need any more stuff. Get them all gift cards. The amount is not important. One latte and I am a happy camper.

Monogram Momma said...

Okay I am THRILLED to hear from all the teachers here!A latte and manicure it, then!

Anonymous said...

If you give me a mani/pedi gift card I will give little monogram straight A's.

kacey@doodlebugspaper.com said...

Another teacher speaking up..

I agree with gift cards! And honestly something small is great.

I also like the bookmark suggestions and I think anything monogrammed would be great!

Other suggestions I would give- a small plant, cut flowers in a vase (how hard is it to pick up a bouquet at the grocery store and put them in a cute vase with ribbon!!) a subscription to a magazine or just a few magazines tied with a cute bow.

And NEVER don't even think about coffee mugs, ornaments or dishtowels. And nothing teacher-ish!! LOL!!

Great suggestions and wonderful question :o)