04 October, 2006

Pretty Preppy College Feet

First things first today, and I know I’m not the only one watching Dancing with the Stars. Now, I might possibly be the only one of us who’s actually calling and voting, but whatever. But Jerry Springer was so cute last night I swear to you it brought tears to my eyes (and no, I haven’t lost my mind and started crossing over to the “dark side” of trash tv so rest assured).

Mr. Monogram: What’s wrong with you? Are you getting a cold?

Me: NO?

Mr. Monogram: Are you CRYING?! … For JERRY SPRINGER?!

Me: NO?! …Just shut up I’m trying to watch!

Seriously. I’m not saying he’s going to win or that I even want him to win (stop laughing at me, and no I didn’t vote for Jerry), but I double dog dare you to tell me you didn’t get all weepy watching him learn the waltz for his daughter. Now, more importantly than Jerry Springer, let’s talk about how Mario Lopez totally has this competition in the bag. All I kept hearing was that horrible song “Hot Hot Hot” in the back of my mind while watching his Paso Doblè last night (well that and I could really go for a Margarita and a bowl of cheese dip, but I digress). Whew! Mr. Monogram and I decided two things after the completion of last nights show: 1) The “professional partners” choreography is totally going to make or break them because the couples who are scoring the best have the best routines and 2) there is seriously something brewing with Mario and his “professional partner” (as they like to say) so stay tuned.

And the last thing I’m going to say about Dancing with the Stars, is that I SOOOOO want to see them get Martha on this show. Couldn’t you just see her coming out in her own costume creations that she stayed up all night sewing? I’m just throwing that out there and planting that little seed in case anyone from network television is checking in on my little daily blog (BTW, if anyone from network TV really IS reading this, then do you think you could score a girl some tickets for Martha’s Live show? I would really be most appreciative. Thanks!).

Now, on to the business at hand for today, and that is the Church of Bonanno. Stephen Bonanno sandals that is. And if you don’t know what Bonanno sandals are, then you are really missing out. They are nothing short of delicious with their buttery whipstiched leather, and with the monogrammed Emma Classic, you simply must check them out. So yesterday Vivian from Stephen Bonanno sent me an email regarding their new take on the Emma Classic sandal. Wanting to tap into the collegiate/sorority market, Vivian would like to know where you all went to college and what your school colors are. You can see a few examples in the inset photo. Adorable, right? These SERIOUSLY have monogram momma’s name all over them for tailgating (and you know there is no joking around about shoes or SEC tailgating)! You see, Bonanno’s are purely custom. Every stitch, every piece of leather, every font and monogram style is chosen by each individual customer, but they need to know what colors to offer their clients. That’s where all the marvelous monogram momma readers come in! So for the sake of worshipping at the alter of shoes, comment away what college you attended (big or small) and it’s collegiate colors for our fine friends at Bonanno.

Instant Message conversation between myself and an old prep school pal who happens to be a Methodist Reverend (yes, it’s true. It makes me chuckle too, that little ‘ol Italian Catholic SARCASTIC me really does have a pal who’s an honest to God Minister. HA!)

Me: Have you seen the Stephen Bonanno sandals?

Her: eeeeeeeeeh!

Me: I mean, I know you’re a preacher and all, but I gotta believe this is pretty close to heaven, right?

Her: Trust Me. YES.


maggi said...

black and red all the way....GO DAWGS!!!!! Those would be absolutely adorable for tailgating!

Lisagh said...

First of all: Martha on DWTS - HAAAAAAA! You're hilarious. That I'd pay to see.

And second, as a dedicated member of the Church of Bonanno all I can say is: Hallelujah Sister! Amen.

Ashley said...

These sandals do look VERY cute! My sorority colors were Blue and Yellow and my college colors were Green and White - go Stetson Hatters! However, since I am sure very few of you have heard of Stetson, I doubt I would purchase green and white...

I would go with South Carolina colors of Garnet and Black. And I just have to point out that although Auburn did beat us last week, I know all you War Eagle fans were sweating our Spurrier lead team around halftime (even if you won't admit it).

Go Gamecocks!

LoneStarScarlett said...

I am a graduate of Texas Christian University.

But my hubs would for sure purchase some for me if they had his beloved Washington & Lee colors and trident!!!

Monogram Momma said...

HA! I can ASSURE you, that NO, we Auburn fans were definitely NOT sweating the Gamecocks at ANY point during that game where we plucked your tailfeathers and had them for dinner.


P.S. Maggi: I do have to respect your loyalty to UGA although I did go to a rival school, only because my sister went to UGA and because I'm from Atlanta. However, respecting it and liking it are two different things! Looking forward to having some Georgia Bulldog next month in Auburn (on my anniversary weekend, no less)! WAR EAGLE!

Alyson said...

These are soooo cute! I really want a pair with my monogram on them! I also wouldn't mind a pair in orange and white in honor of the University of Tennessee! GO VOLS!!!!!!!!! I bet my hubby can be persuaded if I agree to wear them to a tailgate party!

ADP said...

Go Dawgs!

Laura said...

Like Ashley, I am a dedicated Hatter fan, but green and white doesn't really scream tailgate pride to me.

I've grown up an Auburn fan, although my husband is a hard core bulldog. So orange and blue or red and black would be welcome in my house.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so MY school colours are Black and Orange. Yeah, I'm not seeing me getting a pair in that color. I guess I could go for a UT (as in U of Tenn, not U of TX. We were there first and never forget it.) pair, but they would have to be White with orange whipstitch not the other way around. Orange and I do not get along.

Moonpie said...

I am backing Ashley on the Garnet and Black. I am a loyal Gamecock and would wear a pair with a cute black dress to my next tailgate.
My sorority colors were dark blue / light blue. I could see lots of collegiate Kappas ordering these super cute shoes.

emma's pulse said...

Mount Holyoke College - navy blue and white. University of Texas - burnt orange and white. Sorority - olive green & pearl white.

MAGGI said...


Mandy said...

Waaaaaaaaar eagle!

And back when I was in school, I would have killed for some blue and blue Kappa Bonanno's!

cape cod mermaid said...

In refernece to DWTS - all I can say is Mario es muy caliente!!

STL Sarah said...

Oooh, I definitely need some black & gold ones for Mizzou!!

ck said...

black and red..Georgia Dawgs, maroon and orange..Virginia Tech Hokies and of course, green and white...Kappa Delta!

amalnofski said...

I still like the Sandals I got on line from Key West Sandal Factory in Ultra-Suede...They come in 8 super colors, and I now have 5 of them....GO GATOR'S !