31 October, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Yes, I know you are all anxiously awaiting the Preppy pumpkin picts AS AM I, but Blogger has decided to be tempermental today (as If I don't get enough of temperments from the minis!) so it is NOT allowing me to upload any more pictures. I have about 6 more pictures to go so I'm giving Blogger a break and then I'll post them ALL. Ughh. Come back in a bit and they'll be up and voting will begin!

Meanwhile, if you want to complain to blogger, contact them at www.blogger.com!! I mean, if you're going to provide a service, you should provide an actual service correctly, right????

See you soon!


jilly said...

I was trying to post pictures from the weekend this morning as well and had problems. If it is one complaint I had for blogger it would be the uploading of pics!

Anonymous said...

Here is a trick...if you upload the picks to photobucket and then copy and paste the tag for it, it will generate the HTML you need to post the pics.

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo...I've been anxiously awaiting the punkins!

Anonymous said...

I gotta go with Allyson! Love, love, love the ribbon pumpkin!

sewgracious said...

I've had trouble with picture uploads too.

Mrs. P...thanks for that great tip! "V-8 Slap" to the forehead. Why did I think of that! LOL