29 October, 2006

Last Call: Preppy Pumpkins

I know, I know. I feel terrible I've been such a wretched blogging hostess since I returned from vacation. Please forgive me as you know I have the best intentions. I went away for a week to the beach promising big ideas and fantastic finds but instead I returned sick. So in light of the fact that I AM STILL SICK (I mean, enough is enough already!) and I have to somehow find the energy to not only finish carving my own pumpkins today, but I've also got to entertain the mini monograms, my fin-filled day will consist of completing our own pumpkins and grocery shopping. However, never fear, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

And this week, that light is arriving this evening in the form on my mother. Apparently I never told my mom I was sick all last week and with the next few crazy hallween days (have I mentioned that somehow I found myself room mother for both of the mini's which means having to organize 2 halloween parties?), she rung me up yesterday afternoon to say she was driving up for a few days to help out with the festivities and the mini's. I tried to object but what's a girl to do when her mom says she wants to come take care of her for a change when she's always taking care of everyone else? So it goes without saying that I am rolling out the red carpet with open arms for her help and pampering.

The weekend was crazy, which is probably why I remain sick. After a fun litlts hopping outinging to the Jr. League holiday shopping fair with my friend (found some great things and even better ideas too!) i picked up mini #1 from pre-school, headed home for lunch and naps. After naps we had a MOM'S Club Halloween event so we met up with Cresta and her family for dinner and then headed over to the party. The party truly was not that great, and at one point in the evening monogram momma found herself goosed by Cindarella and her magic wand. Whatever happened to teaching your kids to say "Excuse me, Please?" Oh well, Mr. Monogram got his wish and we headed home. Home to the frantic cleaning and straightening up before his dad and step-mother arrived in town for the weekend. Then saturday morning was mini #2's birthday party. Thank the good Lord I had the sense not to host it at my home this year (more on my birthday party planning later) since I've been sick, and I hired a specialty toy/book store to do the party. It's actually pretty good. They have a party room and you pick the theme of your party and they do everything from have a baker bake this delicious cake, to arrange the party favors, entertain the kids, do the craft and activity with them, write down the gifts your kid gets, and even load up the car for you. Here's my check, thank you, I'm done.

So anyway, thanks for bearing with my boring posts since my return, and your continued return to monogram momma's. This is the LAST CALL for Preppy Pupmpkin entries! I've been emailed some really fantastic and creative entires and I can't wait to share them with you tomorrow! So remember, you have until 8Pm EST tonight to email them to me! Now, I'm hopping off to put on my loafers and head out the door. We've got some returns to make and possibly a stop at the park to burn off some energy before my mom arrives. Oops, can't forget the grocery store! I think we'll be having a flank steak, twice baked potato's and corn for dinner. Sound good? Then come on over and pull up and chair. There is always room at monogram momma's!


jilly said...

Oh I am SO glad that you did not host the party at home with being sick and all, I cannot even fathom what that would have been like. When one is not on their "A" game and trying to deal with the crud it is just no fun for anyone. I am glad mom is coming to lend a hand and help out and I hope that you are feeling better soon. Sorry, we are doing pumpkins tonight as I was still recovering with my crud this weekend, but I cannot wait to see all of the others!!!!!

Mollie said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and I LOVE it! I love Martha, too, and in fact, share her birthday!

So, after reading about your silhoutte project and your dinner plate project, what do you think about combining the two to make a 1st birthday plate? Do you think the silhoutte will be too tedious for the transfer to the plate? Any other tips??

Feel better soon!

Monogram Momma said...

No, Jilly, thank goodness I thought ahead and planned the party elsewhere. I must have had a litte ESP that I wouldn't be up to hosting the party, nor would it have been up to my standards I'm afraid.
And Mollie, you are quite creative! What a fabulous idea! Sharing Martha's birthday must mean you get additional creative points than the rest of us! I love this idea and you do it exactly the same. My tip is to use the fine-tip Porcelaine pen.I love this idea and hope you'll send in some pictures! Email me if you have any additional questions! monogrammomma@charter.net

Also, pumpkin entries being extended until 7am TOMORROW. So that means for all you late nighters, you can email me your picts until 7am tomorrow morning. I'll just make sure I've alreayd got the others uploaded.

Susan said...

Poor MM....aren't we so lucky to have mothers that just never stop taking good care of us?! Feel better soon!

Mr. Sean said...

I wanted to get in on this one! But unfortunatly we had some un-ruly and unpreppy party crashers here the other night and they destroyed our pumkins...