14 September, 2006

Thursday's Chopping Block

There are mushrooms in my front yard. Not small, salad size wild mushrooms. But big, juicy Portobello size mushrooms, growing in the middle of my yard. Is this not what we pay the yard guy for, or am I supposed to go pick my own mushrooms? Do you think he thinks I planted them there on purpose? Hmmmmm… Just a little thought I wanted to share as I'm sitting here looking out the window this morning (and you know I am all about sharing).

At any rate, I’ve got so much to do today my “to do” list is overflowing. I can’t seem to concentrate or narrow down to accomplish anything either. Don’t you just hate those types of days? I mean, my ADD is getting on my own nerves today so I can only imagine how it’s annoying everyone else around me. Since the boys don’t have pre-school on Wednesdays and were home with me all day long, I really didn’t accomplish much of anything yesterday (okay truthfully, the same thing can pretty much be said about any day here lately). My friend Cresta and I took our boys (she has two boys the same age as mine) to one of those inflatable jumper places where things proceeded to go from bad to worse. If mini #2 wasn’t crying and carrying on about one thing, her #2 was crying about getting bitten on the nose by some random child (on the nose? Really? What makes a child decide to go for the nose for Pete’s sake?). Then if her #1 had to go potty, then my mini monogram #1 also had to go potty, and while she was in the potty with both our #1’s, her #2 gets stuck in the wayyyyyyyy back of the obstacle course. Then as if we hadn’t tortured ourselves enough, we thought we’d take all the boys out to lunch and well, things progressed on pretty much the same level until Cresta and I were all but waving the white flags, crawling out of the restaurant to the car from the exhaustion to load up all the boys and take them home. So anyway, this morning preppy puppy and I have a whole list of things lined up on the chopping block today, which, in case your interested, looks a little like this:

-drop mini monograms off at pre-school

-take my car to get detailed as I really do not like driving around with the faint odor of stale milk and crushed up goldfish all over my pretty car

-get back in time to watch Martha at 10 am as I really like to see the show live and not DVR’d for one anal retentive reason or another of mine

-laundry (mini #1 is on his last pair of underwear so I'm afraid this is a necessity today)

-change mini #1’s sheets

-start brainstorming and list-making for our tailgating party next month

-start brainstorming and list making for mini #1’s birthday party

-price mini #2's birthday gift

-online shopping today: Ralph Lauren swimsuit for mini #2 (no Alyson, I still haven’t done this) and ribbon for multiple projects

-also online, research the following as it's driving me bonkers not knowing: what was the cause of death for Daniel Smith? When are TomKat getting married? What in the world did that tart Brtiney name her baby?

-email Heather her photo order total and details

-Family photo tree for mini #1 for school (seriously? Why must teachers send homework home for 4 yr olds when they know their mothers are the ones who will be stressing over completing it? I’ve done my time, I tell you, and I have a degree to prove it!)

-Soccer practice by 6:30 (sharp, as you know I can’t stand to be late which means I’ll actually probably be there around 6:20 and make us sit in the car for an extra 10 minutes)

So this is what my day looks like today, why my head is all over the place and why I really can’t pull together a decent post today. Not to worry, I’ll pull something out of my monogrammed hat for you tomorrow. But right now I’ve got to get moving on my list. Admittedly, the thing that’s currently giving me an anxiety attack on this list is mini #2’s birthday party, but oh lord that is an entire post unto itself, trust me. But I can’t go away without giving you something useful today, no matter how small it is (you know, as a little “thank you” for stopping by); so hereit is, the monogrammed item of the day.

Chubbco Initial Cutting Boards come in 5 different shapes and sizes. Personally, I think it's a great place to say, I don't know, cut up some freakishly large, wild mushrooms? A great gift to give to someone else, or heck, treat yourself today. You deserve it! Shhh! Just please don’t tell your husband’s I told you it was OK because I’ve been hearing from quite a few of you ladies that your passing the buck onto me, and you know I’ve got my own explaining to do to Mr. Monogram for my own shopping habits! ;-)


spencegrad said...

funny story for you, re: mushrooms. When I was a wee one, around 2 years old, my mother had turned her back to me for but a minute when I was out in the yard of our vacation home, and there I was, pulling up mushrooms from the ground and eating them.

In a panic, she called poison control and they told her to feed me mustard, as it has something in it that can induce vomiting (charming, I'm sure.) Anyway, she pulled out a jar of some brown mustard, sat me down and started feeding it to me, hoping she wouldn't have to force it.

Apparently, I loved it. With every spoonful of the spicy brown, I "ummmed" with delight, until I finished the entire jar.

No vomiting, no poison. And to this day, I adore mustard, and would go to the ends of the earth for a good jar of it.

So fret not about your children--apparently, I had devilish tendencies--but I really turned out all right.

suburban prep said...

Quite the list you have going.
Thank you for the site.

emma's pulse said...

You are so organized and full of energy...I envy you. What are your minis wearing for Halloween?

thepreppyprincess said...

I am exhausted just reading your list :-)

Monogram Momma said...

Oh Emma, you are far to kind. Anyone who knows me would laugh at the energy comment seeing as how I take a nap almost daily at the same time when the mini's do! But thank you none-the-less! I do have a little something up my sleeve for Halloween and I'll be sharing that one soon!

STL Sarah said...

Hey, MM! You wouldn't happen to know where I can get another discount code for finestationary.com would you? I saw the one you had a while back but it seems to have expired.

Monogram Momma said...

STL Sarah:I have searched and searched and alas, I have come up empty-handed! I will keep that on my list of things to look for though and hopefully they will put out a coupon code in the next week or two, anticipating the holidays.
I'll keep you posted!

STL Sarah said...

You're the BEST! I'm about to drop a ton of cash on wedding stationary!