15 September, 2006

Limeade, Anyone?

I only have about 3 minutes to hop on this morning, as I've got to drop off mini monogram #1 at a friends house this morning so she can take him to pre-school with her daughter, and run mini monogram #2 downtown to the Children's Hospital to see his pulmonologist. This wasn't exactly how we'd planned to spend our morning, but we're off none-the-less. Traffic here we come!

At any rate, the Tybee Flip Flops were such a huge hit with you guys that Paige from Limeade called me to tell me they are still LOADED with flip flops. Yes, they took down their website, but if anyone still wants Tybee Flip Flops, you can call them directly at 800-501-Lime. The Tybee Flips Flips are molded from the Leatherman Flip-Flop, which is also who makes Eliza B (just to give you an idea). For $10 a pair you simply can't beat it, and what a great stocking stuffer these would make too! So if you missed out the first time I mentioned it, make sure you give them a call today.

While we're on the subject of Limeade, Paige is selling EVERYTHING down to the hangers and rugs. And I know many of you will feel your adrenaline rushing when I tell you that she is selling the nice wooden Lilly Pulitzer hangers for $1 each or 8 for $10. She has limited quantities left of the adult hangers, but LOADS of the nice pant hangers and childrens hangers as well. What better opportunity to rid yourself of those awful wire hangers hanging in your closet?

Now, before I hop off here and run out the door, a few more things you might be interested in that she's selling are a Lilly Pulitzer Rug, Lilly Pulitzer huge palm tree, and official Lilly Pulitzer cabana. Pictures aren't loading right now for me but they are SO adorable for a little girls room or nursery, or even for those of you with summer homes or pool houses. I'll attempt to post the pictures and additional details when I return. Give Paige or Courtney a call at the store if you want to purchase and they'll take care of you, and tell her monogram momma sent you. They'll have your purchases packed up and ready to go ASAP!

Gotta Run!


Amber Lee said...

I am completely ridiculous! Here I've been trying to comment and thinking I can't, when I can just click the "other" button!

Monogram Momma said...

Glad you figured it out, Amber! ;-)

Susan said...

Wow, thanks for the tip, MM! I tried to call the 800# but it has been disconnected. The regular phone number is (303) 321-LIME but no one seems to pick up. I'm so excited to find these flip flops on sale - I'll be ordering a few pair (ahem)! Sorry they are going out of business - they are really nice people.

Monogram Momma said...

Susan- Did you get through? I have been able to reach them without a problem; this is so strange! If you still can't get through via the phone, then try to email them at c3rutkowski@yahoo.com. That is Courtney's email address so just tell her that I passed it along and you're wanting the flip flops and anything else you are interested in. Thanks and sorry for the hassle!