14 August, 2006

Must Have Fall Finds

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go, I'm standing here outside your door, I hate to wake you up to say goodbye! So anyway, you get the point. My Suburban is indeed, packed to the brim, as I’ve decided to take the mini monograms and preppy puppy home to my parent’s for the week. I’m so excited I think I could cry. Literally. I think the mini’s and I could all use a little change of scenery, and sister 1 from CA is in town for the week with her two children as well, so I’m very excited to do some fun stuff, such as play dates with friends and the new Aquarium, which I haven’t yet visited. So while there are no crafty projects on the horizon this week, I certainly didn’t want to leave you empty-handed today, so I’ve worked up my brief little Fall Must Have List to share with you all. I haven’t noticed if Martha has done hers yet or not, so that means I might possibly have beat her to it! So without further adieu (drum roll please), I present you with Monogram Momma’s Must Have Fall Finds, in no particular order.

1-First off, I am loving both “The Daily Scheduler” and “Note to School” pads by Family Facts over at See Jane Work. It is just what I need to keep my obsessive compulsive list making looking ever so cute. These are great to keep in the kitchen or on your office desk. Much more fashionable I think than the standard post-it pads! Although if you are a perpetual post-its user, then you should also check these ever cute and preppy polk-a-dot post-its as well.

2- Even the littlest school go-ers need a stylish backpack to tote home all that artwork, and for that reason, the mini monograms both have the monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids Fairfax backpacks and matching monogrammed lunch totes from last year. I love these bags for the boys because they have so many great pockets; most of them mesh on the inside so nothing gets lost in there. It is also quite large which makes it another plus in my monogrammed book!

3- Perfect for slipping in that PBK monogrammed backpack are these nap mats. I am especially fond of the Pink toile Nap Mat for the little ladies heading to pre-school, or the Cowboy nap mat for little gents

4-You had to know I was going to put the Tamara Henriques rubber floral flat that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I warned you then they were an absolutely must have for monogram momma! (coughIwearAsizeSeven)

5-With fall comes the time to transition to long sleeves, and that means Ralph Lauren “Create Your Own” long sleeved polo’s and Candy Striped Oxfords, prepped out with your monogram.

6- I quite simply, can not live without my Lands End Goose Down Vest. It is just the perfect weight for running around and in and out of stores without a cumbersome jacket to tote around. And in the preppy parrot green, which is the color I myself own, it goes with pretty much everything in my closet. As for the mini monograms fall outerwear, they practically live in their Gap plaid windbreakers, and also their Ralph Lauren Bayport Windbreakers. Now, once we hit winter though, they have nice navy pea coats, plus Lands End winter Squall coats, and also a Fleece pullover is a MUST. They practically live in these things, and this year I’ve picked these up from Mini Boden (matching, of course) because I love the quality of their clothes. Of course, you know I just had to pick up the ever preppy navy and red stripe.

7- The Weatherfield Tote in pink plaid by Lands End. Need I say more?

8- What a treat to see that Preppy Potato has their AMAZING fall line, the Canterbury Collection, on their site already. Hooray! So hop on over there and check out the new leather belt collection for the fall, and by all means, pick up the new monogrammed pink and white striped belt buckle with that fabulous white monogram on the homepage. I am so in love with this belt, it just had to make my list. But hold your horses! I can’t forget about the minis! So after you’ve picked up one of the new Preppy Potato belts for yourself, check out the great selection of grosgrain Baby Bug belts by Bugface belts.

9- What preppy wouldn’t love to pull on a pair of cropped ribbon jeans? You can pick up a cute pair for yourself at the Purple Poppy and while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up a pair for the little Miss of the house over at CCC Gifts (as a side note, I will be telling you how you can make these yourself in the next couple of weeks too). These would look so adorable with a loafer and tee for running around I can’t even stand it!

10- Hi. My name is monogram momma and I am a Coach-aholic. I will make no apologies, or explanations, but rather assume you understand this desperate need of mine to add the new monogrammed Signature Stripe Collection to my own collection. I promise, Just.One.More. (Yes, I realize I already alerted the media to this bag a month ago with my bullhorn, but I really do have to have this bag for fall. I’m not kidding)

11- Speaking of bags, my favorite fall/winter bag is my Beijo “Over the Moon bag in “fern” green. I love the shape of this bag, its shiny durable material that looks like patent leather, and the fact that it is the perfect handle length to comfortably sit on my shoulder. I am already looking forward to breaking it out this fall, so I wanted to make sure I shared this little treat with you too, so you can give these bags a try yourself.

12- Also making the list this fall, are these Monogrammed Mules and Slip-On’s by Mostly Monograms. But don’t just check out the monogrammed shoes they offer, make sure you look at all the fabulous needlepoint loafers and mules such as these that I also fancy.
However, if you are into needlepointing, then you can find needlepoint shoe canvas’ to do yourself at M’s Canvas warehouse.

13-Yes folks, they’re baaaaack! The same beautifully preppy monogrammed sweaters that we all wore for our class pictures with our ribbon barrettes in the 80’s have returned, sporting a slightly updated look. I’m so pleased to see these, I can’t begin to tell you and I’m so excited to share these with you all! Over at Baby Knits and More, they not only have monogrammed rolled-neck sweaters for the mini monograms, but also for Mr. Monogram and I. Are you loving it, because I sure am! Now, just to give you another option for your own little ones, at Twinkle Toes they’ve got beautiful monogrammed sweaters in either cardigan or rolled neck but if you are looking to make your initial a bit more prominent for your own mini’s, then check out the knitted initial sweater. I am ABSOLUTELY ordering two of these for the mini monograms in the off-white with a navy monogram. How supremely classic! However, if you love this idea, but not the price, then you can pick up a beautiful cotton cable knit monogrammed cardigan with matching knitted hat at Spoil the Baby for a perfectly preppy price of $35. Now that’s a great fall baby must have!

14- Last but most certainly not least, I wanted to let you know that I've heard a little rumor from the lovely ladies at Chesapeake Rose about their new fall line, and I'm so excited about it that I had to go ahead and put it on my list as a little teaser of more "good things" to come! So be looking forward to that little newsbreak as well when their fall line is ready to roll.

Whew! Well that list completely wore me out and now, unfortunately, I must go chauffeur the mini’s to my parent’s for the week. Oh how can I possibly contain my excitement at having to endure the next several hours of children’s DVD’s in the car? So I have no idea when or if I’ll be blogging the rest of the week. I may just hop on and share some fun finds this week and let you all know what I’m up to in Atlanta, but don’t count on any good preppy crafty ideas. So Adios! Maybe you’ll see me this week, maybe you won’t! But until then, feel free to talk amongst yourselves and share any other fall must-haves that I might have missed. Have a terrific week! I’m off to start my engine and continue singing my song.


Maureen said...

Quite the list!. Thanks for some good ides.
Have a good time while you are with your family.

emma's pulse said...

I need one of everything. Two of some of the Coach things. Have fun on your trip!

ADP said...

Welcome home, the weather has been really great lately in Atlanta. I love the list, so many things that are on my list too!

Monogram Momma said...

Horray! I'm here and thanks for the welcome ADP! I am SO relieved to be home I can't even tell you! I was actually GLAD to see the traffic on 285! LOL

cape cod mermaid said...

If you get this in time, have a great week! I must say I'm a little sad to see the summer go but then I saw the commercial for the new season of Martha and it made me a little teary. Must have been the Michael Buble song they were playing.

Laura said...

I love the list! Welcome back to Atlanta!

Pink Cupcakes said...

Love your list...isn't that Lands End Pink Tote great?!