16 August, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well it's wednesday morning and we made it here on monday morning in record time. I must have been very anxious to get home! And as I sit here giving you my little greeting this morning, mini monogram 1 is yanking my parent's princess puppy by the collar so she will stop lifting up the toilet seat to drink out of it. I don't think she quite understood what he was saying to her when he was explaining to her how rude that is and that he does not care for a wet toilet seat. Oh well.

So yesterday we loaded up all the kids and headed down to the Aquarium and then to the ever famous Varsity for lunch. I can't tell you the last time I ate at the Varsity so it was great to soak up all the grease for the first time in proably 5 years. The boys are a bit disapointed we haven't been able to really enjoy my parents pool since it's been completely overcast with showers every day since we arrived, but we're hoping to get in at some point this evening after my mom and I spend the entier day making home made pasta, sauce, meatballs, etc.. My feet are aching just thinking about it! But while I am on a preppy project hiatus this week, I thought instead I'd leave you with a monogrammed item of the day. So here it is!

Get yourselves prepared for all the fabulous ideas I'm going to be throwing your way in the upcoming months by picking up this monogramable arts and crafts tote from Garnet Hill. Made of nylon that is easy to wipe down, completely flexible but with rigid sides and six outer pockets, I adore this tote. And with colors such as Citrus Green and Pink Flamingo, they are sure to appeal to the preppy in everyone!

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ADP said...

The rain has been horrible here this week! The Varsity, such memories there! We only go about once a year even when we live here!