30 August, 2006

Miss Manners vs the Beluga Whale

Do you know what makes two four year olds and a two and a half year old belly-laugh like little hyena’s? Apparently it’s a beluga whale pooping. I’m not kidding. I like to think I have raised my children with a little more couth than that, however, seeing a beluga whale poop at the Georgia Aquarium last week forced my children, along with my dear nephew, to throw all manners and good breeding to the whale sharks, and laugh and giggle and point and exclaim for ALL to hear, in the middle of the Beluga Whale presentation, as they were conveniently standing right next to the Aquarium representative wearing the microphone. It was at that point that I was fed a little humility myself, and reminded that no matter how well your children may be dressed, and no matter how crisp and white those white summer polo sneakers are, if a whale poops, they’re probably going to laugh for everyone at the entire Aquarium to hear.

I don’t quite know what Emily Post would have to say about this, and I don’t even know where to begin to look it up under etiquette, but I do believe that a new chapter on “taking your children to the zoo or aquarium” should be included, or, for the sake of arguing, we could just title the chapter “Miss Manners Explains that Everybody Poops.”So what’s been your dose of humility lately?


Mel said...

Ah well, boys will be boys.

SLC said...

Seeing a cow do that years and years ago was the highlight of my 4 year old cousin's trip to the county fair. She kept wanting to back into the barn "to see the cow poop".

Ksk said...

That story is hilarious - I can actually picture a bunch of little boys "busting a gut" over such a thing!

I would not worry about them or be embarrassed - real manners are about how they treat people, and I am sure they are learning that very well from their parents!

Lisa said...

How funny and cute! I just can't help thinking of what my son would have said if he saw the same thing. He is 11 and I know he wouldn't have used the word "poop" lol! They get big very quickly, enjoy every minute!