18 August, 2006

Friday's Monogrammed Item of the Day

Well, we're back from our visit home with family and friends and all the stress and anxiety for this dinner party tomorrow night has already made me about 6" shorter, and believe you me, monogram momma can not afford to be much shorter. Apparently, Mr. Monogram was unable to accomplish any of the few little things I left on his own "to do" list for the week (for what reason I have yet to hear), leaving me most unhappy as you can imagine. And while I've got loads of party prep to do myself from monogramming dinner plates, ironing table linens, creating floral arrangements, etc., I thought I would leave you all with my monogrammed item of the day.

Originally uploaded by tgrs97.

The Monogrammed Hostess Apron from Ballard's Design is a lovely little gift that any hostess, yours truly included, would love to receive. And what with us having an Italian Themed dinner party tomorrow evening, this perfectly classic apron would definitely suit me carrying the dishes to the table. Oh, and in case you are thinking of someone coughSpecial in mind, my correct monogram is small C, LARGE center M, small M. *wink*


lgd said...

I always forget about Ballard...thanks for reminding me! Those are SO cute.

Monogram Momma said...

LGD, make sure you check out the monogrammed bags too; they are so adorable and priced well enough to have one in each color combo! ;-)