14 July, 2006

Summer Must Have's

Is it possible that I am related to Martha? I mean really? Here, I have been mentioning for a week now that I was going to give you my list of Monogram Momma’s Summer Must Have’s, and lo and behold, Martha beat me to it! I swear, it’s like we share a brain sometimes (*sigh* if only she would share her bank account too, I would be most appreciative). Note to self: Take A.D.D. medication and check out family tree to see if there is any POSSIBLE way that Martha is really Italian and related to me.What? It could happen! At any rate, apparently she was on the Today Show at the beginning of the summer with her own list of Summer Must Have’s, which I unfortunately missed. I also can’t seem to find the actual list anywhere on the internet, but only mention of said list. So if you happen to know its whereabouts, please pass it along. I would be most appreciative (perhaps it’s hiding with baby Suri?). So here goes...

1. Lands End Open Top Totes (monogrammed, of course).
2. Lands End Sea to Shore shoes. We bought these for my mom and she loves them. They are the BEST for walking on the beach (sans socks) and running around, have easy bungee cord type laces, fully mesh breathable fabric, and anti-microbacterial. They’ve simply thought of everything!
3. Ralph Lauren “Create Your Own” collection of monogrammed polo’s (it’s about time!). I am all about the classic fit polo, however, if the price is a bit steep for you, then I think it’s perfectly fine to buy the regular classic fit polo and take it to be monogrammed yourself
4. Cute headbands like these from Chesapeake Rose (I bought the green & navy stripe, then also had them do one in a navy & red lobster print to wear to Alyson’s son’s lobster themed b’day party) and Susan Towner (you know I love my madras!).
5. The ever preppy little whale notebook for my purse from Rock Scissor Paper to feed my obsessive compulsive list-making habit (because monogram momma can always be found with a notebook of some kind in her purse!)
6. I’m waiting on pins and needles for the new Blueprint magazine to come out from Martha, as I expect you should be too. It’s a Martha Stewart Living magazine but for the slightly younger set, giving us step by step guides on “good things” and must haves and where and how to get them. Order your subscription today! And while you’re at it, I highly recommend Domino magazine as well. While the current months issue doesn’t really excite me, this is a fantastic decorating and shopping magazine that I always try to pick up.
7. Well you had to know flip flops would be on this list. And my favorite pair this summer has been a pair my sister bought me at Nordstrom by Silly Sandals, called “Take Wing” from the Karen Gray Collection. But for my everyday flip flops, I simply can’t live without my ToeGoz or pink and lime green striped Eliza B flip flops from Lauren Nicole. And as an added bonus, they are also monogramable which you know I must have! But so many people are hopping on the flip flop bandwagon, that you can even find cute ones at LL Bean this year (such as the cottage red dog to look good with preppy puppy) and J. Crew. And as a side note, if you call the J. Crew outlet right now, they’ve got their cute preppy striped and silk tie flip flops on sale and they’ll have the men in brown deliver them right to your door.
8. Who was the genius who invented the Coppertone Continuous Spray? Well it is certainly a summer must have in my little monogrammed book because it makes lubing up the mini monograms so much easier! Now, of course I use 30 for the minis, but I’m a bit “old school” so I still prefer to use the Hawaiian Tropic #4 Dark Tanning Lotion on myself. I’ve been a loyal and devoted “HT” customer for as long as I can remember. Yes, I know about sun Cancer. Yes, I know about wrinkles. I figure that eventually I’ll just get a face lift and it will solve my problem, so please don’t email me and tell me you think I’m stupid. If you too, were able to achieve that “natural tan of the islands,” then you would use it too.
9. Naturally, I have to put my monogrammed drink bucket on this list, because it is a staple of summer entertaining in my home, as it should be in yours as well (still waiting on pictures of your buckets, people!).
10. You will also be needing some preppy reading, and in fact, I’ve just finished a book titled Prep by Cutis Sittenfeld that I really enjoyed. Honestly, the cover with the pink and green ribbon belt is what initially drew me to the book like a guiding beacon of light, but it turned out to be really good. I also highly recommend the Shopaholic series of books by Sophie Kinsella for some fun, LOL reading. And another really great one is Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons which is about a group of housewives who start their own book club. What could be better than that?
11. I LOVE Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. I love how moist it keeps my lips during the summer and winter months. I keep one in the cup holder in my car and also my beach bag, so I’ve always got one on hand. Even the mini monograms give this one their kiss of approval.
12. I can’t help myself when the summer bags come out and every year I buy a new one to start off my summer. Last summer it was a cute Lilly bag, but this summer I bought a super cute pink Coach bag that I love. I love the shape, size, and colors, thus making it a summer must have for me!

Naturally there are a million more items I could put on my summer Must Have list, but these are just my summer staples. If you want me to do a summer must have list for the mini monograms or have any other project requests for that matter, send me an email at monogrammomma@charter.net or just leave a comment. Anyhow, today we are planning another laid back Friday at the pool. Yes, I do realize I spend a lot of time at the pool. But if you should decide to go to the pool yourself today, I’ll be the one in the pink swimsuit with the matching mini monograms, reading my copy of Blueprint in the baby pool. You’ll no doubt, know it’s me by the pink and green flip flops and ever controversial bottle of Hawaiian Tropic #4 sitting next to me as I keep working on my island tan.


Anonymous said...

Love your list of goods. I have Land's End Outlet right by me and I will have to get a pair of those shoes for my mother. She wears heavy Merrells even in the summer. They have some of the best deals going on right now.

Alyson said...

Great list of must haves!!! I LOVE my J Crew flip flops! They are #1 on my list.

Jo said...

How wide are the headbands from Chesapeke rose? Are the comfortable?

Monogram Momma said...
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Monogram Momma said...

CORRECTION: Sorry, the headbands are buy one get one FREE this week only so you only have 1 or 2 more days to stock up!

Jo said...

Thank you!

STL Sarah said...

Ooh, I just love my Toe Goz. They are the most comfortable flip flops ever.

Pink Cupcakes said...

Love your Summer Must Have's!

ADP said...

You are going to love your copy of Blueprint when it finally comes! There is a whole section that reminded me of your tub you made!

I love your lists of must haves, Eliza B. and Toe Goz flip flops are the best!

Monogram Momma said...

The Chesapeake Rose headbands are 1" wide and per Sheila at the store, "Chesapeake Rose headbands are 1" wide and are made with 3 layers ribbon/cotton webbing/decorateive ribbon. They don't ripple like many of the bands and cotton webbing helps them not "pinch".