13 July, 2006

Just Like Old Times

One thing you will come to learn about me as you continue to (pray) read my daily blog is that I will frequently refer to my prep school friends. I know you don’t know these people and probably really don’t care, but quite honestly I really can’t help it. After you’ve had a group of friends for near 20 years (most of my life since I’m just 30), you too will find it difficult not to think about these people who you are still so close to on a regular basis and how they affect your daily life, even though I live far away from them now. And while Ashley really gets my creative side, on the other hand there’s Kristi who really gets my moody side that likes to take daily afternoon naps and like me, should walk around with a warning sticker that reads “Warning: Subject to Frequent Mood Changes.” With Kristi, I can embrace my moodiness and wear it like the fluorescent badge that it should be, and she’s perfectly cool with that. But many a weekends I spent grounded because we also were prone to get into trouble together. And that is just one of the many reasons why we also call each other “twin.” But I digress. I might also mention here that she is also just as sarcastic as I am and if you’ve been following my blog, you know she came in town to visit with her daughter Lydia last week for a few days while Mr. Monogram was out of town. Now let me just say I was planning on being ever so sweet and not mentioning our Moms Gone Wild night (which truly, wasn’t all that wild) but after a few sarcastic emails, I feel I must share. To be specific, she harassed me in an email that I accidentally mislabeled a picture, to which I responded to her to give me a break or I will blog about her. Then the sassy sarcastic one emailed me back to say the following:

Her: Oh goody I am going to make it in the blog. I was worried I would be in there about “how not to be a house guest."

Me: LOL. O just you wait. I was sparing you but not now!!

Her: LOL LOL. And I am ashamed to say I don't have any "Martha" standard stationary to write you a thank you note. So you should be anxious to see what I come up with. I may take a few, well a few for you to get it. I will come up with something good. Ha ha ha "evil laugh"

Now I ask you, would you dare mock a close friend and blogger?! Rude, just rude is what I say! Now onto the TRUTH (because you know I am all about the truth). Ever excited to spend a fun night out with one of my best and oldest friends, I got a babysitter to come stay with the mini monograms and Miss Lydia. Anyhow, we each had a beer while getting ready to go out (or perhaps she had one more than me? That is still up for debate), then went to a very nice dinner at one of my favorite restaurants right on the lake where we had a delicious dinner, several glasses of wine each, good laughs, beautiful weather and sunset, etc. You get the picture. Then we decided to make a quick Target run for what I can’t even remember (Oh yes, I needed some film, new book, new celebrity gossip mags), and then back home to pay the babysitter. The rest of the evening went pretty much like the night before, with us sitting outside until around midnight, having a few drinks and just talking and laughing (well I had one more, did she have more?). Then up to bed. Next thing I know, I am being awoken at 3am by Kristi telling me she’s sick. So I ask her “are you flu sick or drunk sick?” and she moans and says “drunk sick.” Now mind you, I am not drunk or hung over in the least bit, so I don’t know what her problem is. Then off she goes to get her pillow and blankie and hops in the bed with me. The rest of the early morning hours are a bit of a haze as I hold her hair and rub her back while she is sick in my bathroom. Then she decides she wants to take a bath at 4:30am as well. So all this got me to thinking, and I’ve decided to be prepared for her next visit I will pull together a lovely welcome basket in the guest room of things with her in mind, that she might possibly need for her visit with me. I mean, it really was quite rude of me not to have one prepared to begin with. I look at it like this… If I were to go stay at Martha’s home she would certainly have a welcome basket prepared for me, no?

Now, the very first thing I’m going to have to put in my basket is going to have to be a six pack of beer, with personalized labels that I’ve designed and ordered at My Own Labels.com (BTW, they do tons of fantastic labels and tags there, not just for alcohol). And again, always keeping my guest Kristi in mind, this basket will no doubt have to include a monogrammed beer koozie and of course since I’m buying it and it’s my house, it will have to be in pink and green. And while I’m at it, I might as well order her a set of personalized Tervis Tumblers just in case she opts to switch to a mixed drink during her stay. But for those swollen “day after” eyes, I will also make sure I include a monogrammed eye therapy pillow from Ambridge House. And what welcome basket says “unpack and stay awhile” without monogrammed toilet paper for the potentially hung-over guest? There, I think that does it, don’t you? But wait, something is missing. Oh yes, instead of cleverly packing everything in a cute little basket, I think it much more fitting if I put my welcome gift in a monogrammed trash can for her to keep by the bed. You know, so she can put it to use the next day. And as I step back and take a look at my welcome basket, I think it’s complete. Perhaps something even Martha herself would be proud of, and now all that’s left to do is sit back and wait to see what kind of thank-you note she comes up with.*evil laugh* Seems just like old times!


Ashley said...

Got a big laugh out of this one! Also made me sad that I missed the fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

You have such a cute blog. What Atlanta prep school did you attend?

Monogram Momma said...
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Cox said...

Ok, I hope that these blogs are always on this site or in some "history", because there are many things that I don't need right this second, but can use these ideas/products in the future. You have found and researched the "best" of the "best"!!!!! Thanks!!

ADP said...

Can I come stay at your house? I love the idea of the welcome basket! What cute ideas!