15 July, 2006

Saturday Sugar

It’s Saturday morning so I’m just hopping on before we set out on our busy day. I’m so excited for this weekend, although we really don’t have anything too fantastic planned to tell you the truth. Today we are having over Chad and Cresta and their mini’s, Jacob and Will (who, like the mini monograms, are also always matching or coordinating) for some fun and sun at our pool for a few hours (and just to let you know, this will be one of those rare occasions when I feel it’s acceptable to use the actual cooler, in lieu of the monogrammed drink tub, in case you are wondering too). I’m sure Cresta and I have unrealistic visions of sitting and chatting over the latest celeb gossip and preppy summer reads while our hubby’s entertain the 4 children, but that’s in a perfect world, and a perfect world we do not live in. But back to our plans. After we’ve successfully worn out all the children it will no doubt be naptime, and I’m hoping Mr. Monogram and I can treat the mini monograms to a movie and dinner when they wake up. Then my friend Alyson is coming in town to stay the night where I’m planning on taking her down in a board game or two. The next day we are headed off to the Outlets to try to score some new J Crew flip flops before they send them away to the land of unsold last season’s merchandise. Of course, we’ll have to stop in Ralph Lauren while we’re there as well. There’s no use driving all the way there if we don’t make the best of it, right? I mean, gas is expensive!
But anyway, what I really wanted to pass along today was a fantastic little site that Linger Longer sent to me, called Daily Candy. Don’t get excited thinking your actually going to get a piece of candy delivered to your door daily, but rather you can get on their email list and receive “the ultimate insider’s guide to what’s hot, new, and undiscovered.” And if you know me, you know I love what’s new and undiscovered! And as long as by “hot” they really mean conservative/classic/traditional, then I’m all about the “hot” too.
Well it’s time for me to wrangle up the mini monograms and get in my swimsuit. I know I just realized I haven’t really done a Martha-like projects since Monday so no wonder I’m feeling a little more green & navy today as opposed to pink & green. So, for all you waiting to see what my next preppy project will be, I’ll have that up tomorrow. I’m working on madras headbands for Alyson and I and with my deadline pending upon her arrival, you know I MUST get it done today! Also I’ve got lots more fun stuff coming your way such as Bermuda bags and monogrammed wall art. Until then, have a great Saturday and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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Anonymous said...

I have been getting the Chicago version of Daily Candy for a bit now. Love it. It gives you all the in places and things that are going on in and around the city.