17 July, 2006

An aPEASing Idea

I must say, I have a hard time admitting defeat to Mr. Monogram. I am assuming I am not alone though, when it comes to most women and their husbands. So when Mr. Monogram tells me that using split peas (yes, split peas) to decorate is NOT one of my better ideas, I naturally pooh-poohed him away. You see, I have a 7’ kitchen table that I really love. And sitting in the middle of said table, is a very long hand carved, hollowed out rustic looking bowl, which is naturally sitting on top of the table runner I made to match my equally cute drapes in the kitchen. But I’m getting off the subject. So it’s been a big debate for me as to what I should put in this bowl. I’ve filled it with lemons, I’ve filled it with apples, I’ve used candles, I’ve tried everything! And what I finally tried and really loved, was to fill it with pretty green split peas (at less than $1 a bag, I couldn’t go wrong), then to place small clear glass votive holders down the center, which I then put individual flowers in each one when guests are coming over. It was a bit more contemporary than I usually come up with, but it was simple and pretty and gave me just enough color. But as time has gone on, the mini monograms have gotten more and more curious about these fun-feeling little split peas and I have found a handful or two splattered across the kitchen table, and even found a train or car hidden deep in the pea trenches. Which is why Mr. Monogram has hated this idea from Day 1. So while I was blogging on Friday morning for my loyal and devoted readers, I kept hearing little giggles and noises coming from the kitchen. So I finished my blog and when I approached the kitchen, I saw what was so “funny.” I am using this term loosely of course, because there, splattered all over the floor and table, from the kitchen through the dining room and into the family room, were 8 bags, yes 8 bags, of tiny split peas. And left behind to take the blame, was a handful of cars. I’ll admit, they must have had a grand ‘ol time in there, but you can see for yourself that I most certainly did NOT have a good time cleaning up the mess. So the peas are gone. But that doesn’t mean I’ll surrender to Mr. Monogram and won’t use them for decorating anymore or even suggest that you do, which is really the point of this post today. My point is that you can find everyday items all over the place, to decorate with that will make a big impact. You can see here how I’ve also used split peas in larger votive holders in the kitchen pass through, and I’ve repeated this on my built-ins in the family room too. And when we’re entertaining and I light the candles, it looks really pretty. I promise! I also like to use split peas in my large hurricane. I can fill my hurricane w/ split peas, and lemons and oranges and cumquats, etc. and then fill it with water. I then go over to Hobby Lobby and in the candle making section, I buy bags of wax beads (they come in different colors). Once my hurricane is filled with water to the top, I then pour the wax beads in and they float at the top and form a large wax-like candle seal. I then stick in several wicks since my hurricane is large. And voila! It makes a great centerpiece! I like to keep mine on the center of my kitchen island, but it can go anywhere and really looks fantastic. In the fall I’ll even put nuts and oranges and cinnamon sticks in mine, or you can even fill it with bags of potpourri, or for a more contemporary look, alternate rows of different colors of peas from your grocery store. But for a little effort it makes a big statement. And with that being said for this Monday morning, I supposed I need to come up with another creative idea for my bowl today. Perhaps something that doesn’t make such a mess. But anyway, check back later and I’ve got a great idea for what I’m now going to call “Monogram Monday.” I’m sure you’re all giddy with anticipation to see what I’m going to monogram next!


Anonymous said...

Why does your link for "Mr. Monogram" go to Enterprise Rental Cars?

Monogram Momma said...

Mr. Monogram is an exec for ERAC

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your blog! i stumbled upon it today...soo cute!! please keep your crafty ideas coming!! love it!