10 July, 2006


Sometimes, my "brilliant" ideas (which, admittedly, are not always that brilliant) just hit me over the head, like a massive summer thunderstorm that's come out of nowhere. You don't necessarily want or need the rain, and it doesn't always make much sense, but it's here none-the-less so you might as well make the best of it. And who is Martha if she doesn't make the best of a so-called "brilliant" idea. I must preface this and warn you, it's not a crafty idea, but rather, more of a lazy, how can I be more relaxed type of idea. So while my friend Cresta and I were trying to enjoy our books and celebrity magazines while sitting in the middle of the baby pool with 4 little boys under the age of 4 circling around us, jumping on us, splashing us and each other, etc., that's when it hit me. Or maybe it hit me as I was trying to wring the water out of my book. So here it is....Are you ready? BEACH CHAIRS. Yep, beach chairs. So all this leads up to, is that my brilliant idea is that next time we need to bring beach chairs to the pool and place them in the actual baby pool with us so we can sit in them. I mean, mine even has a drink holder in it so what could be better?

So besides for offering you this priceless tip, my other point is this. Martha isn't just about great decorating, or crafting or party ideas. She is also about just making life simpler. And what is simpler than a beach chair in a baby pool. Why it's genius, simply genius.