11 July, 2006

Sometimes a Label is a "Good Thing"

Today I have a busy day planned for myself while the mini monograms are at summer camp, so I just thought I'd blog a few little thoughts this morning. While I am still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing, I had a request from the Cape Cod Mermaid, who asked that I help her with labels for her daughter. You know, labels for her books, gifts, etc. I too, happen to think these labels are a most important stationary staple, but I must say, I also like them for myself. Now, I know I am not the only one out there lending books to mes amis (that's 4 years of French for you)! So while there are lots of things I prefer to purchase, this is one of those things I really like to make because I can do them so easily at home on my own computer where I've got 800 fonts and loads of artwork, and because that gives me the freedom to make new ones whenever the mood strikes me or I tire of my old ones. Let's face it, some days I'm feeling a little more green & navy as opposed to pink & green, so why wouldn't I want my personal label to represent that? What you first need to do is hop in your gas guzzling SUV and head over to your local office supply store such as Office Max, Staples, Office Depot, etc. You will find every label under the sun there, and just about every shape and size. Just for the sake of arguing here (and I am certainly in no mood to argue today), I have purchased the Avery standard 2.5" round labels, # 5294. I like the round shape because it looks nice if I want to use it on a package or gift bag. Now, I don't know what sort of software you have, but I use Microsoft Office 2003, and in "Word," they make it very easy to do a whole page of labels. So all I do is set it up in Word, then pick my fonts, colors, and artwork. It's so simple, even my computer challenged husband, Mr. Monogram can do it. You can enlarge this photo to see the round labels I've done for the mini monograms. These specific labels say "a gift from", but I can also just do their name, or say "This book belongs to, " which again, is the beauty of making these labels yourself because you can print what you need to. These labels are also especially nice at the holidays when you have gifts to give you your friends or hostess gifts to bring over, and you can do your labels with your monogram or even to say "The Monograms." How's that for clever?

But for those of you who also want a few good label resources, my absolute favorite is 2 Skirts. I've known about 2 Skirts for several years, but have just been keeping them to myself. I LOVE their fun little artwork and sayings, and they've got different types of labels to chose from. For example, they've got the Vinyl labels which you should all RUSH to go purchase, and they've also got the gift stickers. The vinyls labels are a MUST HAVE for any mom who wants a cute way to display junior's name on his bottle or sippy cup. They are completely water resistant which make them 5 Star worthy in my book since that means they can go in the dishwasher. The gift stickers are just as cute, but not water resistant. I insist you go check out these labels! But if nothing at 2 Skirts blows your skirt up (he he he), then jump over to Fine Stationary where they have 192 choices of personalized and monogrammed stickers and labels to chose from! Whether you want to go the more classic route for yourself, or something fun for the kids, you're sure to find it there. Also worth mentioning again, is Polka Dot Design who has labels in all shapes and sizes from die cuts to squares. Now, onto my old standy, Lemontree Paperie (really, they should be compensating me for all the people I'm sending to their site), which has fantastic labels. And nothing says monogram momma more than a complete set of matchingstationaryy, labels, andnote cardss. They have, I believe, the most chic designs and labels that will surely impress the most discriminating individual!

And last but not least, you need to make a point to re-visit the Luxe Stationary site. Much like the 2 friends site, at Luxe stationary, you can pick your design and chose your sticker art, as well as shape for their Fontaine Maury labels. That is personalization at it's best! Well I'm off to Steinmart to pick up a swimsuit cover up for Alyson that she wants, then onto the UPS store, grocery shopping, a lunch date with Susan, does this list ever end?! I do plan on getting further into my new book today too though, perhaps at naptime. And yes, in case you're wondering, of course my book has my own label in it!


dmmlandcruiser said...

Those are great! Where do you get the artwork from?

jo said...

Thanks I just ordered note pads from 2 skirts.

Monogram Momma said...

I get my artwork from Microsoft Word. You can import all teh latest artwork from the itnernet when you go into "insert picture from clip art." I also "borrow" artwork I like from other sites (which I probably shouldn't be telling people!), but it's not like I'm mass producing the stuff!

cape cod mermaid said...

Once again, great resources! It will take me a bit of time to sort through them all but I think Lemontree is the one for me! I actually made labels for my daughter's birthday thank you notes. I added a beach pic of her with her return address. They came out very cute but sometimes you want that proffessional touch...thanks so much!