09 July, 2006

Envy of the Park

So we never found out what was wrong with Preppy Puppy. A thousand dollars later in a week’s time, and still no answers. And now she’s back to her normal peppy preppy self, ears flapping out of the car while I drive the mini monograms in their matching outfits running errands around town (note: the mini’s are always matching or at the very least, coordinating). Needless to say, Mr. Monogram was not thrilled that I was ready to auction off my spleen on ebay if need be to help find out what was wrong with the dog, and thinks she is just a typical female who wanted him to spend a thousand dollars on her to show her he still really loved her. Well I say, if that’s the case, then I sure taught her well! So with all these vet visits and moping around, I sent an email to Mr. Monogram that went like this:

Me: Can [preppy puppy] have a new summer collar please? It might really help lift her spirits since she's been so sick and besides, her other one is a leather Coach collar and is not recommended for swimming. (I mean seriously, you wouldn’t see me taking a swim with one of my leather Coach bags, would you?)

Him: I think she would much prefer a new bone…it’s your call.

Me: Excellent! A new collar it is then!

So with Mr. Monogram giving me his full blessing, I knew I had to find the perfect collar for my perfect preppy puppy. All I’m saying is, wouldn’t you feel better if you had a new necklace to wear? So I set off to find the very best and most chic collar I could for preppy puppy. So first I had to think about whom is as obsessed with their dog as much as I am. Naturally, that led me to Martha. And in her new magazine, Blueprint, she recommends Bella Bean Couture. Although you can’t purchase directly from their site, I ADORE their site and they tell you a bunch of other sites, such as Artful Pups that you can purchase their stuff from. So I headed on over to Artful Pups and seriously, there I something here for every dog. I even managed to pick up this collar for my parent’s lucky lab (a.k.a. spoiled late in life child), princess puppy. Wouldn’t you agree it’s what every spoiled girl needs? I then strolled over to the Haute Dog Boutique where I finally settled on the “Happy Chic” Collar by Bella Bean for my girl, which you can see here. But something was missing…AHA! A little personalization (isn’t that what I’m all about anyway?)! So I also opted to purchase the rhinestone initial pendant for her new collar. There, that should finish off her summer look and make her the envy of the park! It was a tough call though, because there are so many adorable collars and specialized dogs sites out there. A few more worthy of mentioning are Bailey & Wags where you can even shop by your dogs style, Four Preppy Paws, where a little boy I know named Stogie would look smashing in the golf cart collar, and you also don’t want to miss Big Dog Boutique where another little furry bottomed boy named Duke would look awfully handsome going to get groomed in the green whales dog collar. Oh, and I almost forgot, that there are some adorable “old school” diagonal preppy striped collars at Hot Dog Collars at very reasonable prices. Now, for my crafty monogrammers out there who want to try to make their own personalized dog collars, hop on over to Creative Design Works and for the VERY low price of $5, you can purchase a very simple dog collar kit. Yes! You can make your own dog collar! I mean, can you even STAND it, it’s so exciting! You just had to know I was going to tell you how, didn’t you? Well if that sounds like something fun you’d like to try on a Friday night, then hit your local JoAnn’s craft store and check out their ribbon selection, and I also HIGHLY recommend The Ribbon Factory and Ribbon Girls. Now, for those of you who really couldn’t care less about adorable dog collars or how to make your own (although, how could you not care?), then check back later and I’ll have a more universal, crowd pleasing post up. I should note real quickly here, that as I type this, mini monogram #1 is saying to mini monogram #2, “hey mini, you want to play dog? You put this dog bone in your mouth (handing him an actual dog bone) and I’ll get a leash for you.” Honestly. This is my life folks, that’s all I’m saying. And with that image in your mind, I think I’ll let both princess puppy and preppy puppy out to go potty.


Ashley said...

Monogram Momma,
Thank you for your collar ideas :) My preppy puppy will be getting two new collars for her new house! One is the cute pink and blue Prep School Stripe (I got the key chain to match- I mean, I will have new keys to carry!) and the other will put me back in the good graces with Mr. Ashley... a NY Giants collar! She will be styling for the rest of the summer and ready for the football season. I will be sure to send a picture when she models them!
Thanks again!

Monogram Momma said...

There is ALWAYS room for more preppy puppies on my blog so send in those picts!