06 July, 2006

Another Busy Thursday

Day 2 and counting of Mr. Monogram being out of town. Although I am still a bit irritated at his 5 day "guys trip" to play golf, I just realized when chatting with my friend Alyson, that I might have innocently gotten my revenge by sending him off on his trip with my Laura Ashley Luggage (this was a College staple for me). Oh the joy it brings me just thinking of it!
Meanwhile, I am having another busy day prepping for one of my prep school friends, Kristi to come in town with Miss Lydia. I received an email this morning from her that read:

Her:Lydia woke up with attitude. I hope she looses it before I pick her up.
I am off to catch up on your blog and pack and to the spa - ahhh

Me: Mini Monogram #1 has had attitude for 2 days now and going strong!

This is apparently what happens when moody moms breed. We breed at least one moody or semi-moody child. I have learned this and accept this. So anyway, after dropping off the mini's at summer camp this morning, I chatted with a friend then headed over to Mr. Monogram's office to pick up his laptop so I can be my lazy self and blog from my bed while he's gone. After that I headed over to JoAnn's, of course, and picked out some cute ball fringe and retro but still classic cowboy fabric to work on some burp cloths for my friend Brooke. I need to get these done and in the mail to her friend who just had a new baby in Texas, this week. By the way, If you're looking for some cute preppy lobster dishes and serving pieces for your summer entertaining, they had the most adorable plastic plates and large serving bowls, baskets, etc... that were white with a navy rim and a big red lobster on them. They were adorable and whats more, they were 30% off (naturally I had to call Alyson and tell her so she can pick some up for Drew's lobster themed birthday party). Shute. I'm just realizing I forgot to hit the bank while I was over there and withdrawl cash. As I mentioned, I can't balance a checkbook so I find cash much easier to work with and just find it keeps me out of trouble in general with Mr. Monogram. Ashley, you might want to try that too!
So now I'm home and I've cleaned my room and am working on some laundry. Need to run upstairs and change mini monogram #2's crib sheet as the babysitter did not put his diaper on tight enough last night and he woke up soaking wet. Lucky me.
So I don't have any great sites to share or projects right now as I'm too busy picking up the house, but check back later and I'm sure I'll have something up. Even Martha takes a break every once in a while! Good luck and Congratulations to Ashley on closing on her new house today in NJ! And don't forget to send me emails of your projects, questions, or ideas so I can add them to the blog and show off my creative readers talents!



Hey Monogram Momma! Just thought I'd see if this works..........I have a few seconds before little angel is terrorizing me or Barkley again. I hear you on the whole attitude! Being 10 months and she is "wow" "on fire" as daddy calls it. She picks up on things so quickly it is very crazy and very exhausting......hey........since daddy doesn't read this for now as it is mommy's escape from babyhood and more adult conversation, do you know of anyone or anywhere that is a great place for "boy" clothes! Since daddy doesn't want to know and he doesn't get on, then I figured I was pretty safe asking you on here. I have been trying to find clothes like crazy...on 3 1/2 months to go and I figure he's coming early! Yes, E-bay has some, but OMG...the ridiculous prices right now. Mind you, I buy and sell plenty on it but come on. I am not paying 0.99 for an outfit and then 10.00 for shipping. I might as well leave him naked or buy new. Just checking. I've checked out alot of your sites. Set up an account myself and will maybe start blogging daily as well. Talk to you soon......angel is stirring!!

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Monogram Momma said...

Thanks for stopping by! I've got lots of great sites and suggestions I can will post on for you, once I can get all my sites together. Happy Thursday!

cape cod mermaid said...

Would love to see how your burp cloths come out - with a little how-to included, perhaps? I am sure it's quite easy to do but it's even easier when someone who knows what they're doing can tell you how! Thanks!