05 July, 2006

A Fabulous Fourth Recap

WHEW! Is everyone as exhausted as I am after the 4th? Of course, I'm sure the beer, then the 3 margarita's, followed by some mixture my neighbor brought over and called Naked on the Front Porch (or something like that...I truly can't recall), are all not helping me feel so rested today. MANY thanks to all of you who threw caution to the wind and participated in my rain dance to help hold off the bad weather. While we did have some rain as our guests were arriving, it didn't last long and we were still able to enjoy eating outside and playing horseshoes, while the kids ran around the back yard and wore themselves out in the inflatable jumper. Clearly, the rain dance is going to require some work for it to be more effective next time. The Monograms all looked adorable if I do say so myself in matching Fourth of July outfits, and my newly monogrammed drink tub looked perfectly preppy on the table to match my linens and umbrella! Here are two pictures. One from afar before the table was set up with drinks, then another close-up, just to drive home my earlier point that the drink tub is so much nicer than a cooler! We feasted on my famous Red, White, and Bleu Cheese Burgers (get it? Clever huh?!), potato casserole, baked macaronit and cheese, Cresta's fantastic cole-slaw, some great appetizers, and even better deserts! While I clearly decided not to go all out with the red white and blue, and just decorated with flags all over the place and in my planters in stead, I made sure we had some patriotic deserts on the table! Laurie brought a delicious frozen desert of graham cracker crust, strawberries, blueberries and condensed milk, and Cresta brought the CUTEST hamburger
looking deserts for the kids made out of vanilla wafers and pepermint patties! You can get the recipe at Family Fun, which is always the very best source for creative kids craft projects and recipes. I made sure I brought out my always popular chocolate fountain, but instead of doing regular chocolate, I used white chocolate and dyed it blue! See how fun the strawberries, angel food cake, and blue chocolate are!? I swear, it's like I channeled Martha herself! I must admit I got carried away in the moment because even I, who as you know do not like chocolate, participated in some fountain fun! You can see for yourself that one of our guests, Miss Haley, really enjoyed the chocolate fountain, but if that wasn't living on the edge enough for her, she followed up her swim in the chocolate fountain by wallowing in the sand box. How lovely! In case you're wondering, she got hosed off. Literally. So who says I can't throw a wild party when at least one person got naked! (he he he!)
The arsenal of fireworks that Mr. Monogram and his friends put up was of course, accompanied by patriotic music blasting through the speakers outside, was phenomenal, and this year they started a new tradition and made us all stand and sing the National Anthem before the fireworks began.
What a show! Check out all the friends and neighbors lined along our front walkway to watch our show! What a turn-out! I'm thinking next year we might need to charge admission. Just a thought I'm throwing out there on the table.
Well the mail man just got here and I'm expecting a package from Alyson. Yippie! Who doesn't love getting mail from a friend?! Sadly, Mr. Monogram is out of town for 5 LONG days so I am going to try to re-gain some of my sanity by going to see The Devil Wears Prada with my friend Cresta. Can I just give a little thanks for babysitters right now, please? Just a brief moment of silence... Meanwhile, if you've got any questions please email them to monogrammomma@charter.net or just leave a comment and I'll respond.


cape cod mermaid said...

Very lovely and festive - Martha would be proud! Looking forward to more crafty postings!

Alyson said...

I hate that I missed the party! Everything looks beautiful!!!

Pink Cupcakes said...

Sounds like it was awesome! Love the ice bucket!