07 July, 2006

Just Checking In

Well folks, I just thought I'd do a quick check in for today. It's Friday morning and we are all headed to the pool for the day until naptime. I know you are shocked. So today I'm on hiatus while my friend Kristi and Miss Lydia are here, unless of course, I can come up with anything humorous to blog about while they're here. So far though, mini monogram #1 has managed to suck all the humor out of me with his attitude while Mr. Monogram is having a third leisurly day out of town and on the golf course. Anyhow, while I need to go mix myself a morning drink to help buffer out the mini's, I'm working on some good sites and suggestions for Saturday. Hey, that sounds good, doesn't it?! And since I know you you all have been dying to know what's in my beach bag, I decided instead, to do Monogram Momma's Summer Must Haves. Try hard to contain your excitement.