29 June, 2006

It's all about Ashley

Ashley is one of my oldest friends who really understands my crafty and creative side. Certain friends I think understand different sides of you better than others, and Ash really gets that part of me. What she really "gets" about me, is that I LOVE Martha and want to be her and I secretly think she wants me to be Martha too. It's like she's always off to the side w/ pom-poms like a little creative cheerleader, cherring me to on to channel my inner-Martha. So yesterday's quandry of Ashley's was that she was IM-ing me trying to find shelf and drawer liners. Yes, drawer liners. No, I'm not kidding. It was like a massive hurricane was coming and she needed them right away for her emergency kit to save her life; they were that important. Always happy to aide a friend in need, I naturally got right to the task of finding some cute drawer liners for her new house (so great by the way in Ridgewood, NJ--but I digress). She was asking about cork, which I don't suggest b/c if you buy that thin cork that comes in a roll, it rips very easily and will just frustrate the hell out of you. Just so you know. So then I remembered what I'd done in one of our houses, and that is WALLPAPER! Lets say you have a french country theme, and you want your cabinets and drawers to look ever adorable too, then you can have coordinating wallpaper as your liners. See the cute Red and yellow example w/ the Roosters? Well if a rooster doesn't say French Country then I don't know what does. Now that I passed along that expensive idea, today she was seeking my help with bedding. Every new house deserves new bedding, and besides, who doesn't get tired of their bedding after a while? So she told me she wants to go in the direction of the blues and browns, which of course I think is a great idea since that is how my dining room is decorated. Again, I digress though (I really need to remember to take that ADD medication again!). Now let me just interject here and say, that apparently I get Ashley in trouble w/ her husband, Mr. Ashley, for coming up with all these great ideas that she asks me to come up with, but then end up costing too much money. Yes, I have a tendency to do that. So when she asked me to help with bedding sources, I felt inclined to throw out my disclaimer which went a little something like this....

Me: you know my taste is not cheap! So I will warn you so if [Mr. Ashley] says ANYTHING, at least I warned you up front.

Her: lol

Me: Now that i've given you my disclaimer, let me open up explorer and give you my sites

So now at least I have proof that I gave her a disclaimer if she gets me in trouble with Mr. Ashley (who happens to be an attorney so I know he can appreciate a disclaimer)! Now onto the sites. Of course the very best site for bedding and bedding ideas, is Horchow. How can I EVER get enough of Horchow?! Then there is Domestications, which is a huge selection of bedding, both good and BAD. But still, a decent source I think and after all, they DO monogram towels which is very important to Monogram Momma! Now, If you're looking for something a little more fun and colorful, or even just some great basics like towels and duvet's, then make sure you check out The Company Store (also worth noting, they will monogram towels for you too). I like their robes and little bedding jackets they occasionally put in the catalog. If you tend to have a more eclectic style and have loads of cash burning a hole in your wallet, then I suggest you go to Anthropologie. You can't beat their decorative items either, and if you happen to fit into a size zero (which I most definitely do not anymore! HA!), then by all means check out the cute little summer dresses while you're there. After stopping by the Anthropologie website, pop on over to Yvonne Estelles and then Garnet Hill as well. My last suggestion, and probably what I think is my best "good idea" (see how I went right back to this mornings theme?), is to go to one of the bridal registry sites such as The Wedding Channel and you can peruse through ALL the bedding at ALL the various department stores. Now that is one stop shopping at it's best! And if you happen to find something you simply MUST have that is a little beyond your price range, then by all means, CHECK ON EBAY!!!
So now that I see this list typed up, if Ashley can't find anything here that she likes, then I'll have to throw my hands in the air and give up. Nahhhhhhhh.... That wouldn't be very "Martha" of me would it? If all else fails, then we just have to go fabric shopping!